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4 kinds of skin abnormalities, or the signal of coming cancer

by Heise Chafetz 2 months ago in face
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Not a skin disease, but a cancer alert?

4 kinds of skin abnormalities, or the signal of coming cancer
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Many people are facing different skin problems, spots, wrinkles, acne, moles, etc. are very common and may affect the aesthetics.

It is necessary to be alert to the fact that some skin abnormalities are probably not skin diseases, but warnings from cancer, so we must pay high attention to these skin abnormalities.

Skin is the mirror of health

I. Skin is a mirror reflecting health

If there is any abnormality in the body's environment, it may lead to blood abnormalities, which will be reflected in the skin.

In addition, the skin is also rich in nerves, with motor nerve fibers, tactile receptors, sensory nerve fibers, pain receptors, and other nerve endings. Once the blood composition is changed, it may cause the nerve endings to be stimulated and cause itchy skin symptoms.

Therefore, liver and gallbladder cancer, diabetes, etc., may cause itchy skin problems.

2. 4 kinds of skin manifestations may be the signal of cancer

If the skin shows the following problems, you should be alert to the signal of cancer.

1、Itchy skin

Although itching is a relatively common skin problem, unexplained, recurrent itching symptoms that are ineffective to be treated by dermatologists should be alerted to be caused by tumors in neighboring parts.

2、Spider mole

Red moles shaped like spiders mostly mean abnormalities in the liver, like cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver cancer, etc. may trigger spider moles.

3、White spots in the mouth

According to Ran Yuping, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, abnormal white patches in the oral cavity should be alerted to oral cancer.

4、Change of mole form

There are moles on everyone's body, which are generally benign, but if you find sudden changes in the form of moles, growth, and ulceration in a short period, it may be a signal from melanoma.

To prevent skin cancer, sun protection must be done

Three, excessive sun exposure may cause skin cancer

The Lancet analyzed the skin cancer data during the 38 years from 1981 to 2018 and found that cutaneous melanoma had the highest incidence among Caucasians in North America, Europe, and Oceania. Eighty-six percent of melanomas in the United Kingdom are closely related to prolonged exposure to the sun, work, etc.

To do a good job of skin cancer prevention, sun protection must be done.

Avoid outdoor activities from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to avoid UV damage to the skin.

If you have to spend a long time outdoors, you must wear long-sleeved clothes, apply sunscreen and bring sunscreen hats, etc., to reduce the damage of UV rays to your body.

The skin is also one of the organs of the body, and can reflect the health of the body or not. Some abnormal itchy skin and skin changes may be a sign of disease or cancer.

If you find untreated itchy skin, spider nevus, white spots in the mouth, changes in the shape of moles, etc., you should be alert to the coming of cancer. Skin cancer is mostly related to excessive sun exposure, so you must do a good job of sun protection in general to reduce the damage of UV rays to the skin.

Is high the skin moisture content good? This is a wrong understanding. Newborns have up to 70% water content in their skin, which sounds enviable, but that is abnormal skin that lacks keratin protection and is not fully developed. For a healthy adult, the normal water content of the stratum corneum is around 20% to 30%, too low will occur dry and cracked, too high is not necessary. Usually, after a shower, the water content of the stratum corneum rises abruptly and then slowly recovers. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, which is considered a signal that tells us that the skin does not need extra water.

Containing mineral water or makeup water spray can quickly hydrate and moisturize is can hydrate and moisturize, but not quickly. Even tap water can temporarily boost the water content of the stratum corneum, and if you just want to relieve your skin's momentary dryness and discomfort, regardless of mineral spring or make-up water, the performance is similar. However, the mineral ingredients contained in mineral springs and the skin care ingredients contained in lotions may further have the effect of soothing and activating cells or preventing moisture loss. However, sprays are weaker in preventing moisture loss and require moisturizing creams and lotions to be applied afterward for longer-lasting effects.

Only dry skin or a dry environment needs moisturizing wrong, the skin to absorb water, store water and prevent water evaporation is a physiological process, skin aging and external environmental stimuli may affect some of these links. When dry skin fits may be felt quickly, but the ability of the cells to absorb water and transport it internally decreases and is unlikely to show up on the surface of the skin in a short period. Applying oil to the surface of the skin can help prevent the evaporation of moisture, but the moisturizing ability of the cells will require our long-term care. So there is a moisturizing skin care product for every skin type. Natural moisturizing factors and ceramides are the main ingredients that can make the skin hydrated.


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