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4 bad habits will face the risk of "baldness"

Hair is one of the factors that affect the face

By GonzagaPublished 4 months ago 5 min read
4 bad habits will face the risk of "baldness"
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Many long-haired girls, to a certain age, will face the problem of hair loss, the former dense hair thinner and thinner, the former black and shiny hair with the pace of youth gradually away, leaving this thin hair alone in the air messy.

As if closely related to the trajectory of life, when you are young, worries and worries are also less, and hair is also thick and dense, even if the longer hair will not have to worry about breaking will fall. When you reach your twenties and thirties, the pressure of life comes one after another, the worries of work come and go, the mental anxiety, the burden of thought deepens, and it is very common to see less and less hair.

Hair is one of the factors that affect the face

Hair is one of the factors that affect the face value, some people change a hairstyle, and perhaps the face value is also greatly reduced, such as in the above picture. Many people have more and more hair problems, and the hair quality is getting worse, in addition to genetics, the main reason may be neglected care or the wrong way of care. The hair is falling out more and more day by day, and the hair volume is changing. People with low hair volume and receding hairline will face the risk of baldness and have to change these 4 bad habits. Together see if you have these 4 bad habits.

1, frequent perm and dye hair

Many women in their twenties have been in the pursuit of beauty on the road constantly forward, in the wear above the effort, in the hair above also not less to toss. Through the barbershop stylists' "a pair of hands", the hair dyed the favorite color, the hair perm out of the most suitable for their shape, it is because doing hair can highlight their advantages, so they will continue to try different shapes.

If you often perm and dye, the damage to the hair is also great, especially when using a variety of options, there will also be a certain pressure on the scalp, but also damage the hair growth environment, what chemical additives, styling at high temperatures, the hair will be a great negative effect. Hair dryness and hair breakage problems have a lot to do with frequent perming and dyeing, if you want to do hair, you can properly reduce the frequency and number of times to do hair, or take good care of hair to be able to properly avoid it.

2、Wash hair without a care

I wonder if the screen in front of your hair-washing method is right? There is no real mastery of the correct order of shampooing, and there is no scientific hair care, if not, problems in the hair will ensue. For example, the hair is greasy, the hair is more fragile and easy to break. Another example is that the hair is more dandruff, and so on a series of problems.

The correct way to wash your hair should be, first completely wet hair, preferably with warm water will be more healthy, after the hair wet, the shampoo will be poured into the palm of your hand, with a foam net to play a dense foam after the head rubbing, from the root of the hair to the hair slightly to the scalp, the technique must be gentle, not simply rough, gently massage for three or four minutes can be, and finally rinse with water on the good.

Many people have this question, why shampoo can not be directly on the head after playing into the foam, shampoo application will be more uniform, and the cleaning effect will also be more in place. If the shampoo is poured directly on the head, it may clog the hair follicles in the scalp, so that the oil and dirt in the follicles will not be thoroughly cleaned. If you rub directly on the scalp, it will also stimulate the scalp and make it more difficult to rinse, and if there are residual cleaning products in the scalp, it will cause discomfort to the scalp.

3, a long time to tie the hair, and tied very tight

I do not know if you have seen such a girl, that will be long years tied in a ponytail, high tight, close to the scalp of the kind, and a ponytail with a little loose space not, visible hair is firmly fixed. This will pull the hair and scalp after a long time, and the hairline is also pulled tightly by the ponytail, which will often cause the hairline to rise.

If the hair is tied tightly for a long time, it will directly damage the hair, pill head is also the same, the hair is fixed on the top of the head, long-term so on, the strength of the hairline pulled back will increase, resulting in a stronger sense of pulling the scalp, resulting in hair breakage, hair loss ripped scalp and other problems.

4, do not pay attention to hair care

Some girls' hair will be very greasy, just do the basic cleaning is done, and did not choose to use conditioner, especially girls who have been permed and dyed many times, and then do not pay attention to care for the hair, really will make the hair problem more and more serious basic reasons. When you wash your hair, pay attention to the use of conditioner, and use hair oil or hair mask after washing your hair. Every step that you make for your hair will be reflected shortly.

If you don't want your hair to fall out or your hairline to recede, make sure you take care of it with real action. It is not difficult to have beautiful, shiny, smooth, and flowing hair, just pay more attention to avoid unnecessary problems in general.

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