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3 good habits let you become a "fresh and clean" man

Clean, fresh and non-greasy man is popular

By Egg LemmonPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
3 good habits let you become a "fresh and clean" man
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The body "fresh and clean" men, most of them have 3 good habits, no wonder especially charming

A lot of people are saying how the girls' face how, today to stand in the boys' perspective to analyze the boys' face, will bring what kind of impact and change. There are many people say that since ancient times the appearance of girls are very demanding, the appearance of boys and how not?

If you look at the men who are able to get a foothold in the entertainment industry, there are a few that are low in face value, and there are certainly only a few that can be called by name. What is most important to a guy, is the face in proportion to the perfect outline or five features? Is it height and weight to meet the standard, or their own clean and handsome? It is possible that the standards and requirements of each age group are different. For a male in his twenties, it is possible that height and appearance are the most important. For men in their thirties, it may be more important to look at a person's connotation and inner.

The most important thing is that you have to be able to get the most out of your life. The most important thing is the clean and handsome face when you are young and ignorant, maybe after some experience, you prefer a mature and stable man who will be considerate. Perhaps after seeing all the world, it will be more important to look at the man's gold and ability. In short, each stage of aesthetics will also change, the only constant is the appreciation of the good things.

If women have to say some specific characteristics that they like in a boy, I think there must be one, which must be clean and fresh and not greasy. Many middle-aged greasy men, the reason why people criticized, the most important reason, or not to maintain a good image, both mentality and behavior, will involuntarily emit a very "sloppy feeling, so that people do not like up. Look at the body "popular" men, most of them have 3 good habits, no wonder especially charming.

Clean, fresh and non-greasy man is popular

1, adhere to the fitness

A lot of men less than thirty years old began to bladder round, fat-headed greasy sense, simply like in the oil tank just fished out of the same, can not stand to see. Never to do body management, obviously less than one meter eight height, weight has long exceeded one hundred eight, really is not the slightest sense of refinement. Bad habits lead to a blossoming and out-of-shape body, and if you don't control your weight, you will have health problems in the near future.

A fat ruin all, even the high value of the god, the girl's heart of the perfect handsome man, but also because of fat and the image is ruined. Both men and women, must maintain a habit of exercise, adhere to the exercise, both to get a healthy lifestyle, but also to maintain a good physique, can be a multi-benefit. Run for a while every morning, the mind can also become more open and cheerful.

2, clean appearance

Many men look greasy, the main reason, in fact, is that the skin of the face is not clean in place, not cared for in place. When the skin is often oily, the whole person will look very sloppy, and even very dirty. So guys clean or must get in place, at least to give people a very clean feeling, but also to increase the goodwill of others.

The facial cleaning is the basis, only after the face is clean, the subsequent skin care products can play a role, if even the cleaning is not done, want to take good care of their skin is not an easy thing, then expensive skin care products are no way to save a sloppy face, if the face acne pimple marks are obvious, large pores, blackheads and pimples are one after another, so the face also feel very bad to look at.

3, the hair has the type

Men's hair is also an important part of the face, there are many boys delicate secret, in fact, hidden in the hair, what is the secret in the hair? In fact, it is flawless not oil, fresh and smells good, clean and stylish.

If a man's hair Wisp by wisp, dandruff is like a flying snowflake constantly falling, then the man's image will be instantly ruined. To maintain a good condition, the hair must not have any unclean places, like dandruff or something is not allowed at all.

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