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You’re Favorite Band Was Local Once

Small Bands Journey Into Fandoms

By Jen SPublished 4 years ago 7 min read
Epicenter Festival - MIW

Ever wonder what crosses someone’s mind when they say music is their life? It’s hard to understand why someone devotes their life to music but if you got to know them; it sometimes does make sense. It’s because music is the one thing that is always there for them whenever they need it because people are not going to stand there waiting for you. Sometimes, being alone and listening to music is what makes that individual happy; you get your own little bubble, where you can let go and not overthink anything. Music is a person’s safety net, it is what makes someone happy and drowns out the things holding them back in life. You’d be surprised knowing that some people cannot go a day without listening to music. I personally am one, music has been in my life since I was a youngster. No matter what I’m doing or where I go, I’m always ready to have some type of music in the background to get me through the day.

This is what happens though; it creates a cycle of you finding a song and then looking it up. The more you research and dig into a song; the more you find out. You come across the bands entire media library, you find shows they’ve done recorded and uploaded, you watch music videos, figure out when they’re releasing new music next to announcing tours. You also end up finding similar artists along with it.

Social media is a big help in that manner! I’ve found so many bands just from hitting a follow button on an unknown artists page I’ve come across or even a mainstream artist really - it works either way. But the minute you follow a band, you start to notice your feed turn into music related news and more bands pop up. A lot of bands follow you in order for you to follow them back which helps them grow their fanbase even larger.

Like the good old days, I used to sit on iTunes on the computer, and I’d be playing an artist I like. While that song plays, I randomly would just look up their stuff in the normal iTunes library and there was always that section listed underneath “Similar artists” or “You might also like this because”....whatever it said. Anyways, so yeah, I’d click on the 30-second clip they have and if I like it, I end up clicking on that artist and going through their other song titles listed. They know how to find you unintentionally basically; you come across music because you found your way to it. Music speaks to you. It’s telling you that your favorite band right at this moment once was a small named garage band playing with a bunch of friends for friends and families. Who would’ve thought that these bands are the ones touring the world and meeting new faces every show, every day?

The connections you, as a fan, who wants to work in the industry, starts with the local scene and it sometimes can help you get someplace with bigger names; not always, but the possibility can be there. If you start off just as small as running merchandise for them while they are performing, they’d gladly appreciate it and guide you towards the step you need to open opportunities. The little help a local band does and has someone work for them means the most to them even if nobody realizes it. You always have to remember that your favorite band was at one point just a small local town group of friends.

Your favorite band started off in the local scene; attending shows of their favorite bands to holding shows at houses or small venues/local hangout areas. If you support a local band, go to their shows and help them out because that will start off their career. The fanbase makes or breaks a band; the more people a band can draw to a show, the more chances of becoming well known.

What makes these normal local scene people that much different than your typical interactions? If you think about it, they most likely went to school with us at some point. There’s no real difference in them just for performing.

Now I know I’m about to sidetrack, so don’t hate me for it, but it still sticks to the point of local scenes. Going to shows, local or non-local, still have an influence on fandoms. Without local bands starting out, there may not necessarily be as large of a music community and support from everyone. So, here’s some things to consider when you attend a local or mainstream show:

All Ages vs Over 17+ Shows are definitely one to discuss when it comes to fandoms. It can cause a lot of heat for these fans when the band books a venue with an age restriction. The thing is, fans get upset at the bands when it comes to landing certain places; even though it may not really be the members who control the tour. As nice as all ages can be, some shows often tend to be restricted due to late night starts or open bars. Another choice that impacts how the show would be is also the location of the city; some places have curfews for minors while other cities do not. But all in all; the show must go on, whether the fans like it or not. In the end, music is always going to be around and these bands most likely will end up coming back the more bigger they get. 

Now Fangirls, don’t think dressing in tight revealing outfits and wearing 10 pounds of makeup will make a band member like you. The thing about these boys, they may get with any girl they want but they still do want someone who stays classy. They won’t pine for attention of a girl who is 14 but acts and looks as if she is 18. We don’t need harassment stories based on the wrong interpretations. If you know the guy is much older, stay far away; grab your photo and autograph but don’t flirt back with them. And for you band boys; pay attention to the wristbands or the large sharpie “X” on a fan’s hand; that right there can tell you whether a girl is underage or legal for you to interact with in a certain matter. If there’s no “X” marks, be on the look out for stamps or wristbands that the venues use to identify the different ages of the fans.

But in the end, neither the band boy or fangirl should get their hopes up.

The thing is, these fans, hopes and dreams become their priorities when it comes to music. They would do anything possible to get into the industry and join the scene one way or the other. There are oh so many options that you would be sure to think of wanting to do in your life when it comes to being a fan of music and concerts. But who’s to say that one’s goals and dreams become easily so torn into pieces?

There’s only so much lyrics can honestly do to someone; when someone asks you to hear out the song, it’s because they want you to know the meaning behind the lyrics is everything they’re afraid to admit. When you are in a bright mood, the music becomes a satisfaction, but when you are feeling down, the lyrics become something you understand. On the other hand, music is like people, knowing someone is like getting to know the lyrics of the songs; the meaning behind the personalities. It’s not the actual song that impacts the person; it reflects on the memories and events that tagged along with the song when someone hears it. Boys, pay attention because a girl will tell you her favorite song; and sometimes, that song, is what can tell you about herself more than the words slipping from her lips. Band members are heroes to their fandoms, lyrics are like medicine, and concerts are the perfect run away solution to escape from reality. Feeling the music pounding in your chest, screaming all of the lyrics as you sing along, it becomes a place where we can forget about our problems for one night.

Music is not just a choice someone creates; it is the lifestyle they form. We’re all addicted to something that helps guide the pain away, and for some of us, that something is what we live for; music is behind that all. The hardest part is having to say goodbye to the artists and head back home; they’re not just a band anymore to someone.


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