Working It Out

Working out is more than work you put into a gym, and accomplishes more than an improved physique.

Working It Out
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A workout Playlist is a story composed of different kinds of notes. Each genre is used to inspire a special kind of feeling or mentality. The end to each album is a cliffhanger until the next is released, just like a book series by a popular author. Working out has it’s genres too. Weight lifting, running, dancing, sit- ups, and resistance training are all forms of workout genres. The best companion to a workout is a good playlist. Music to match and intensify the mood of each routine. It sets the tempo for each rep and routine as a whole. Working out does not have to be hard to get the job done, nor does it only result in a toned body. If you think it over, every time you workout you’re entering a different state of mind that allows for emotional release and clarity. I workout to release emotions and energies I cannot express or release consistently in my day-to-day, but I also do it for the fun of it.When I workout I settle into a mentality geared towards what I am trying to accomplish.For every mood there is music to match it. Your mind clears under the pressure of the weights, and while keeping track of the number of reps left to complete. With the right song that focus intensifies. On the perfect day, I search for the songs that tell the story of my day and my present energy.First, there is the warm up song that makes you feel strong and energized. A high volume beat with lyrics that push you to push yourself. I start with Lose yourself by eminem and follow it with DMX X Gon Give It to ya. To bring out my hype beast. That mentality that says, “ I can handle more”. Then, there is the coasting song that transitions your internal energy from a building light to a bursting energy. The song that tells you the burn is just starting, but you but you like it. That is where you enter that mentality that pain is good because pain means progress. So, I play some saucey songs like Pelt by skinny fabulous and mix it up with Fire by Jack garratt.Next, is the reliever that lets you know you pushed yourself to your limits, now the cool off is coming and you can slow your pace. The mood changes to a song that ebbs and flows, like your muscle strength in your limbs when your endurance is beginning to fail. So, I play Fight Song by Rachel Platten next. It's a little sappy and sentimental, but also reassuring to me that a goal was accomplished, and that I will accomplish another. The energy slows down a bit more with Surprise yourself by Jack Garratt. Last, is the light round that comes along when your reps slow down and you replace the machines with free weight routines. I play something like “Like That” by Bea Miller because a true gym rat will try one last time to push themselves with that little bit of energy left in their reserve tank. The finale is the closer, a smooth, or peaceful, song that ends your session while you are wiping down the equipment before you walk out, like “This is What you came for” by Calvin Harris ft. Rhianna. That is my ideal playlist for a hard day in the gym when I want to see real progress the next day or week. In the middle of a pandemic when you’re alone, or social distancing we all need a good playlist to set the mood so we don’t get lost in the boredom and silence.

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