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By DJ WriterPublished 5 months ago 2 min read

Start writing...Hey DBuzzers!

Welcome back to Hive News!

We truly appreciate your kind words and support. Every upvote, comment, and like is a sign of encouragement and enthusiasm that helps keep us motivated and striving for excellence. Your encouragement is invaluable to us, and we thank you for showing your appreciation.

We've got some purely bee-scenes updates this past week, so come and check out what's been going up!


The Crypto and Web3 Industry Thrives in Davao City: A Recap of Recent Events and Introduction to D. Buzz by @jancharlest

If you've been catching up on our community updates, you might just be overwhelmed by the number of events our co-founders have been for these past months, so it's amazing how OP manages to compose this as we go back to past events, and hopefully there are more to come. Go on and check out the link! ⬆️


Onboarding People into Web3 Through Games and Entertainment


Speaking of events, we're also raising further awareness locally on the concept of Web3 by sponsoring events (as indicated from the banner above) that there's a moneymaking in the fun and freedom to be had in exploring the world of Web3!

From Zero to Web3 Hero

Also featuring @tonyrebamonteph as part of the host, who our DBuzz co-founder @chrisrice already met in one of our previously attended events! We hope to give back to the community by means of awareness since @dbuzz has been received with warm welcomes so far in the cryptosphereby the buzz team. here in this country.


List of DBuzz Podcasts and Newbie Orientation Schedules

Leaving this here as a constant schedule from our ever-expanding team who has been busy on different and fixed scheduled projects, don't miss out on this following days of the week!

☛ Every Monday, 8:30 PM Philippine time: Designated schedule of orientation for newbies to help them in signing up, and this will be available in Tagalog, Bisaya & English.

Contact: @antonette

☛ Every Saturday, 8:30 PM Philippine time: DBuzz Podcast (Bisaya comedy radio)

Host: @antonette

co-Host: @diosarich

☛ Every Sunday, 8:30 PM Philippine time: DBuzz Podcast (What'z Up DBuzz / Tagalog)

Host: @guruvaj

co-Host: @iamraincrystal

Open Source D.Buzz | Hive Proposal


With DBuzz starting its base in the Hive community of the Philippines established back in August 23, 2019, all our ventures have been totally self-funded ever since. We haven't had any other sources of cash outside content uploading, curation, and witness incentives. But most importantly, we have NEVER made money from selling data or through conventional advertising, unlike how main social media thrive, so here we are promoting ourselves as we request $145,000 HBD to take DBuzz to the next level, grow the Hive community, and open-source DBuzz, the other listed DApps, and future developments made by the DBuzz team. We hope to give you better services for updates to come!

Thanks for joining us this week! If you have a story you would like us to cover, send us a message on Discord.

See you next week!

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