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Unpopular Opinion: Different language includes meaning!

by Alecia campos 2 years ago in humanity

Once you understand, it's hard to look back.

When thinking of a funny opinion to write about I was seeing the war on pineapple and it's place on pizza or if avocado toast is overrated, but I couldn't push this thought about music out of my head, that so many people disagree with other languages being anything but different, that when it comes to the words plus music it means nothing because they don't speak the language. I have had first hand experience with someone who said " it's good,but because I don't understand the language it has no meaning" How ignorant and almost shallow it must be to think that music that you don't understand has no meaning. Many don't see this as an issue, but the sly comments and the misunderstandings such as "you only like them because they're good looking boys" or "you're hopping on the bandwagon" I'm an avid listener of all genres of music regardless of where it's from, from Korean pop to Japanese to French, I love it's beauty and interpreting how I convey these emotions I hear. But some have clouded judgement and hear the different language over a soft piano and see no meaning. Some are obtuse to the significance of culture or beauty of other types of voices that they believe English is the prevalent outlet for meaning when in truth that is the biggest lie in the world. To believe that others have no meaning because the barrier between you and them are words you don't understand only shows the laziness of not try to understand others heartfelt messages or push aside ignorance to try new things.

One time, I was listening to a beautiful song, and I myself take time to reflect on the meaning of the song by both learning the Korean language and understand it's English interpretation,but others would rather be sheltered and clown on what they don't put effort into understanding. The song I was listening to was called "Yi Si Feura Ella" covered by Kim Jonghyun, the song itself is a remake of Alejandro Sanz's 1997 classic which is originally in Spanish and that it self is already difficult, Kim had to translate those words to Korean, and then myself to English to better understand. Every song is different when you hear it, no matter who's listening and with lyrics such as " Please don't abandon me, don't abandon me I don't want to live. What should I do, what should I do without you?" and " With those cruel words of goodbye, I'll resent you for leaving" now these words belted by a young Korean singer to others would be random words over a piano,but because i took time this song took a whole new meaning bringing tears to my eyes and moving me, and someone saw that and I will never forget what they said, "how can you cry when you have no idea what they are saying, it's stupid." In that moment I understood not everyone will be moved just because the piano is playing or the performer is crying,but I fully understood that many will never get the chance to hear true beauty because ignorance prevails faster than the after thought. Now a days performers and groups like BTS, and Monsta X are becoming mainstream, and many still affiliate them with the unknown and overrated when it's far from the truth. They speak on levels that could never be understood because others allow the barrier of language to obscure them and blind them to such beautiful songs, moving performances and marvelous story telling that I have seen of lately is lacking in American's artists. Only a handful have taken chances and explored and have seen the beauty of it from American artist Halsey singing and befriending K-pop group BTS, or Jason Derulo singing with K-pop group NCT 127 and Chinese singer Lay the list can go on as many artist are finally appreciating not only a different sound,but unique story telling. This goes to show that you don't need to know the language to understand there is meaning whether it is soft ballad or a hip-hop sounding song. There is meaning within every song being sung.

Meaning becomes what you make it, and to see so many still blind it saddens me,but I can only educate and try to explore other genres. I will continue to hear such things like " Why do you listen to music you can't even understand" or " you pay to go to concerts where they only say a few English words" it's the typical prejudices and typical ignorance but I will continue to listen to the beauty and meanings within those words that i will learn. In the words of Kim Namjoon the leader of BTS had once said, "Music and performance transcends language and countries and races." In my opinion many others will tell me I'm just another K-pop fan who's trying to make others listen to songs they don't want to or say my own words have no meaning,but in retrospect if you read this you're taking time to understand my view on it and able to appreciate someone writing to open your eyes to barriers welcoming and pushing aside differences. Music means everything and anything no matter what language it is, if passion is given it means so much more.


Alecia campos


Creative arts, anime, kpop, cosplay, are about the things that sum me up, that and I frequently dye my hair. /at the moment it's orange/

But yeah I love writing. Fill free to hopefully read.

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Alecia campos
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