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Under The Purple Clouds

Dancing With My Guitar Playing Muse

By Jennifer Lancaster @jenergy17Published 12 months ago 11 min read

Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky.

Under the purple clouds is where the rest of the world lived. But above us, he was giving the performance of a lifetime. And in certain moments the veil was so thin she could hear him. See him. Feel him there.

Every night at midnight she heard him saying “Dearly Beloved”…..

You know the rest. Every night at midnight she heard the sweet sultry sound of a guitar coming from those clouds. She mentioned this with a friend one day very nonchalantly because she just assumed everyone heard it. She quickly learned they did not. Her friend looked at her as if she had two heads.

”What do you mean you hear Prince’s guitar coming from the sky? You’re joking right?” She could hear the shaming and condescending tone in her friend's voice mixed with pity, while possibly implying she was a whack job. She promised herself she wouldn’t mention it to anyone else from that point on.

After this conversation she wondered if she was going mad? A part of her doubted herself. And yet another part deeper inside knew that she wasn’t - after all when one starts to dimensional jump, those that haven’t been privy to that world see it as madness.

At first when she would hear the guitar and see a holographic image of him it would freak her out. She wondered if she was close to death or something. If this was a sign of the times. But as she was enveloped by his music every night, he assured her that she had much more life to live. That she had just tapped into his energy and that he was here to help guide her. Over time, she started to welcome it and realized it was a gift. Once she settled into this otherworldly connection, she started making it a ceremonial ritual to connect nightly.

One night, when she heard the seductive guitar playing, she felt compelled to take her clothes off and dance. She had candles burning in her room. A delicate layer of purple clouds filled the space. She could hear him singing in the distance. She felt a bit self-conscious, not because she didn’t love her body, just because she wondered if his spirit could see her in the nude, and it made her feel shy, vulnerable, and a bit exposed.

He stopped singing but the music kept playing very low and sensually. She knew this music. She heard his voice ask in a sexy whisper… “What are you waiting for? No one is here. This is your moment to connect to your sexuality. Sexuality is very spiritual in nature, but you haven’t learned that it's okay to express it fully.” Omg! She wondered if he could read her thoughts.

The guitar continued to play the slow, sensual music. And she started removing her clothing very timidly. She knew he was playing it, although he would jump to other instruments too. The piano, he stroked so delicately in a masterful way that put a spell on her. Her body started moving and the guitar was her dance partner, while the piano her lover who activated her Divine Feminine Power within. The frequency evoked clear communication with the truth of who she was and allowed her to go deeply into a flow state through dance.

As the time went on with this nightly ritual she noticed little signs throughout her days. Even at those times when she couldn’t hear the music, it was pulsing through her veins, and it was like he was still with her. As she was driving one day she noticed she crossed over “Prince street”. She would be in coffee shops or at the grocery store and his music would come on.

One day she was waiting in the lobby for a meeting and ‘Nothing Compares to You’ came on. She heard the beginning of the song, “It's been 7 hours and 15 days” and instantly realized in that moment it had been exactly this amount of time since her nightly devotion to dance with the magic guitar coming from the sky, had started. She was starting to come home to herself. While it had only been two weeks in the physical world, it felt like a million days had gone by on another timeline.

Every dance session at night she went deeper and deeper into giving herself permission to explore sexual creative expression unleashing an erotically liberating current of energy into the world. She had always wanted this but because of society, because of the patriarchy, because of shame, she never felt safe enough to unleash this part of herself.

This energy expanded into all areas of her life. She began to summon this energy within and used it to spark magnetic power around her manifesting magic almost as if on demand. Her art began to transform before her in her painting sessions as she felt herself taking bigger risks and making bolder moves on the canvas. Many of her writing projects began to almost write themselves and when she would read them back she wouldn’t remember writing them.

It was as if she was tapping into a part of herself that was new that just knew how to do things. Her conversations with others were more rich; with an element of intimacy that she hadn’t experienced before but that she had always yearned for. There was a meeting of minds if you will, and she felt more in her power and able to match vibrational frequencies with all that she desired almost as if instantaneously. Intuitively, she felt love was very close. A new love, with an attraction coming from spiritual creative essence, rather than the past superficial ways she had previously had connections.

Her friends started to notice something different within her and kept asking what was going on in her life. She knew she couldn’t tell them that she was having ritual ceremonial nude dance sessions every night connecting with his energy. She remembered how her friend had received it when she tried to tell her and didn’t want that to happen again. They would think she was in fact crazy.

But then again, wasn’t the whole point of living to know there is something more? “The Afterworld.” The world she was tapping into. “A world of never ending happiness, you could always see the sun, day or night.” His lyrics were constantly leaving her clues. There were metaphors in everything. It was surreal. She so wished she could share this with someone who got it. It was a beautiful gift but almost a lonely gift.

She now knew in her DNA and in her cells that the metaphor about the elevator trying to bring you down in this realm could in fact be released when she chose to punch a higher floor. More lyrics in his songs guiding her to deeper levels of consciousness within. And she was punching that higher floor every night at midnight. Going up higher and higher into Divinely guided realms. He was guiding her into other dimensions with his magic guitar, the piano, his voice, with his lyrics, and with his spirit.

She was so moved by his guidance. His musical genius opened her to this knowledge. It was a message of knowing that she didn’t need permission to be here. She belonged. He reminded her everyone was going to die. And that unleashing her “crazy”; unleashing her magnetism was Divine in nature. The power of attraction towards a place, a new avenue, a passion, purpose, creative endeavor, or something else is what moves and aligns blossoming and expansion.

Through devotion to her dance and his channelled counsel, she was letting herself explore different avenues than she once had. And each new avenue led her to twists and turns of deeper connection and ability to express herself more innately. He was her muse.

She had already been an introvert that could’ve won an academy award for playing the role of an extrovert. Now, she no longer cared about spending time doing the things she used to; these sessions were making her become more secluded. Her friends were wondering why she wasn’t coming out anymore. They kept hounding her to come out and seemed to be getting worried about her.

To stop them from worrying, she agreed to meet them one night for a quick drink and some conversation. But it had to be quick - she knew she had to be home before midnight. She had not been out past midnight or been in public at that time since she started hearing the music. She was afraid of what might play out if she was in public in the middle of ritual time. She worried that she might not be able to hear him at all. And she worried that she might hear him, and trapped by his spell, be unable to control herself. Either option was too much to imagine. She would have one drink and excuse herself.

She sipped on her tequila and exchanged a pleasant conversation with her friends. But she kept looking at her phone checking the time and was becoming more and more anxious as the time kept creeping up later and later. One tequila turned into two. The conversation deepened and an amazing band began to play in the background. She knew she should leave but she was enjoying being there at the moment. As the tequila was going through her bloodstream she started to loosen her nerves a bit. Her earlier concern suddenly seemed silly. A voice in her head was like, “I mean, what's the worst that could happen?” Maybe staying out won’t kill me? Maybe there was something in it for me? She thought to herself.

That was her intuition talking mixed with her tequila. The Mayans believed the blue agave plant was a “gift from the god’s” the plant tequila was made from. This is why she liked to sip on it. For Ancestral Connection. She had a cocktail of anxiousness and curiosity coursing through her veins. The curiosity started to become stronger than the anxiousness though and she let go. She looked down at her phone to see the time. “Sign o’ the times mess with your mind. Hurry before it’s too late”. She was reciting his lyrics in her mind, but she knew it wasn’t him singing them so she ignored her fear within. It was 11:55pm.

The band was playing their last song before the next act was about to come on. She looked down. 11:58 pm. The crowd was yelling encore, encore. They didn’t want the band to stop playing. The band was soaking up the energy they were receiving and the lead singer said, “Okay, we have time for one more song”

They started playing - and she thought she recognized the song, before realizing that the ritual had begun. Midnight. The roof of the club opened up. “The sky was all purple”. No one was looking up. She could tell no one could see it but her.

The guitar started playing for her. The sounds of the band became more distant. People were still dancing, but they became a holographic distant scene. For her, she heard the sweet sexy sound of the guitar playing and a light dusting of purple clouds began to fill the room. She could see outlines of the distant people dancing in the room, but they were in another reality. And then, something stopped her in her tracks. She noticed a guy across the room. He was here in this reality with her while everyone else was distant. He turned and stared directly into her eyes. He was across the room. She didn’t know what to do? OMG can he see me? Is he here? Am I making this up? Is he in my imagination?

The guitar started playing louder. Her eyes met him deeply. It was magnetic. Then he turned into half stars, half man.

She still didn’t know if this was really happening or a figment of her imagination. Then she felt him deep inside of her. Energetically. His gaze went through her. She had so many questions. Was he her soulmate? Could he feel this too? Their eyes were locked. She felt something inside of her that she had never felt before. She was deeply receptive to his energy. It felt ethereal yet familiar at the same time.

Across the room he started swaying his body slightly and moving his head to the sound of the guitar. He could hear it too. He was in her world. He was in fact in this dimension. In this reality. As the gaze intensified her energy surrendered to him even from across the room. She saw him mouth the lyrics to the song… “Tonight, you’re a star and I’m the big dipper”. He moved his head. Then he picked up the lyrics again… “Let a woman be a woman and a man be a man”.

He kept shifting between man and stars. She wondered if she looked that way to him too. She knew him. She didn’t know how but she did. The song changed. Their telepathic communication with the eyes escalated. The music slowed. He mouthed the words. “I am here for you. Love is meant for two. Now tell me what you’re going to do.” It was Prince’s voice singing but he was mouthing all the words.

She froze. Half man. Half stars. She felt delirious. How was he here? What was this? Was he her soulmate? She felt he was. Was he feeling this too? Was this a dream? She had so many questions. But then the guitar soothed her back into presence. And now she heard her spirit guide’s voice… “shhhhhh.” “The spirit is calling” “Come.” And then she started dancing like she had been dancing in her room all those previous nights.

She decided to let this man who was in this otherworldly situation with her see her.


About the Creator

Jennifer Lancaster @jenergy17

Multidimensional Creative-preneur

Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Artist, Writer. Formerly in restaurant business for 3 decades. Soul expression is my ❤️ language. Spirituality,music, art, food and creativity fuel my life. IG @jenergy17

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  • Salman siddique3 months ago

    nicely written use some keywords also in your story like i do to get better reach

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