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'UK Hun?' A Campy, Fun 'Drag Race UK' Hit

by Christina St-Jean about a year ago in celebrities
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United Kingdolls Smash It Out Of The Park In First Episode Back After Seven Month Filming Hiatus

If you haven't already, you really need to "clap for the bing bang bong."

The most recent installment of #RuPaulsDragRaceUK saw the queens being told that they had to suspend filming immediately and go home due to the #COVID19 crisis. There was a seven-month hiatus where the queens had to determine other means of making money, if they didn't have a day job, before filming resumed in late 2020 with safety protocols in place. As they returned, they noticed they were one short - #VeronicaGreen, who had tested positive for #coronavirus - and had the opportunity to vote to bring one of the queens back, and #JoeBlack was the lucky winner and got to participate in the RuruVision contest. It was a parody of the Eurovision Song Contest, and the queens were split into two different groups - the United Kingdolls (#Tayce, #LawrenceChaney, #BiminiBonBoulash, and #Awhora) and Bananadrama (#TiaKofi, #JoeBlack, #EllieDiamond, and #SisterSister).

It was the #UnitedKingdolls that pretty much blew the doors off the competition, snagging the coveted RuPeter Badge for the night and leaving everyone from the United Kingdom to across the pond in North America singing 'UK Hun' and seriously bopping along to the catchy, if somewhat occasionally offensive, lyrics. What's even better is that all of a sudden, RuPaul's Drag Race UK is now featuring a Top 40 hit with some of its fan base now clamoring for the United Kingdolls to actually represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest when it's able to occur again.

Those queens who performed in the United Kingdolls version of 'UK Hun' were stunned at the song's incredible success thus far. The episode was recorded a couple of months ago, but the response to the #UnitedKingdolls performance on the Feb. 11 episode of #DragRaceUK has been explosive to say the least.

Their version of 'UK Hun' still sits at #4 on the UK iTunes Top Charts, after a full week of racing through social media. It also is at #4 on the Big Top 40 in the UK as well for the week ending Feb. 14, 2021. The fact that the song continues to bop on social media, not to mention through people's heads (including my own), a full week later is pretty amazing, and United Kingdolls member #Bimini was stunned by the success of the song.

"WHAT IS REAL LIFE!" she tweeted, and the video features a clearly ecstatic Bimini bouncing around a room on Feb. 14 when the Big Top 40 was announced.

"We did that!" Tayce said upon retweeting Bimini's notification that United Kingdolls had made it to #4 on the Big Top 40.

'UK Hun' by the United Kingdolls appears to be the song we need right now. It's upbeat, the lyrics are fun, and the video is outrageous and good for a laugh. In short, it's like the ultimate antidote to the crap we're all going through right now as this pandemic drags to its first anniversary. I mean, "Clap for the bing bang bong!" should be said at least twice a day just to cleanse the mind and remind people to still have some fun if they can in their day.

Goodness knows I've had the song going through my head for the better part of a week now, and I am absolutely delighted for these four queens who completely slayed their first challenge back after a seven month hiatus. I certainly hope that this crew can continue their momentum as they enter into what is often considered to be the turning point in any iteration of #DragRace - it's #SnatchGame week, folks, so hopefully no one is commisserating with each other by asking, 'UK Hun?"


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I'm a high school English and French teacher who trains in the martial arts and works towards continuous self-improvement.

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