Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs

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You pretend to hate them, but you can't help but sing along to these guilty pleasure songs when they come on.

These tunes may not be hip, but we love them anyway. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 guilty pleasure songs.

We have Ricky Martin and his incomparable hip-shaking to thank for the late 90s explosion of Latin pop. Nowhere were his tenor vocals, smooth moves, and Puerto Rican style most fittingly displayed than in the song and music video of this Grammy-nominated chart-topper. And yes, we gotta admit: the lyrics have also made us wish we could be “livin’ la vida loca” too.

Those Swedes sure know how to write a pop song! With the title track to their 1993 album, Ace of Base conquered many international charts. They also “opened up our eyes” to their dance and Europop vibes. In short, the 90s certainly wouldn’t be the same without “The Sign,” while its pop culture references have cemented its place in music history.

Critics may have blasted it, but the fans certainly didn’t: “Sexy and I Know It” became LMFAO’s second number one and had guys singing “wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah!” all over the world. Using a mishmash of hip-hop and house music, the duo expressed their support of the male form and proudly exhibited their bodies in the song’s music video. Yep, they’re sexy and we know it.

It didn’t matter that we can’t understand Korean; thanks to its combination of dance-pop and electronic elements, “Gangnam Style” thrust PSY and K-pop as a whole onto the world stage. Accompanied by the first YouTube video to reach a billion views, this song was inescapable in 2012 and had us busting out its unforgettable dance moves at almost every chance we got.

The world was first introduced to Snow’s fusion of reggae and hip-hop with this fast-paced and memorable number. The fact that he was in jail when it was released and that most of us could barely decipher what he was saying did little to hinder its success; in fact, the song topped the international charts, turned the Canadian into a star and launched “a licky boom-boom down” into the mainstream lexicon.

By expertly blending disco with Europop, ABBA crafted one of the 70s most successful songs with “Dancing Queen.” The Arrival single topped multiple charts worldwide and is considered one of the Swedish group’s signature tunes. But it’s the way it puts us “in the mood for a dance” and lets us have the “time of your life” that lands it here.

Hitting number one around the world in the 1980s, Rick Astley’s single from Whenever You Need Somebody propelled him to international success. After the English singer’s unique voice and the song’s dance-pop sound returned to public consciousness through rickrolling, we can now say, it’s official: we’re “never gonna give up” our love for this Astley tune.

Before hitting it big as an actor, Mark Wahlberg made us feel “good vibrations” with the Funky Bunch. By mixing pop rap, Eurodance and hip house, the number-one smash had people singing, rapping and dancing throughout the early 90s. A music video featuring a buff Marky Mark certainly didn’t hurt, either. Today, the song still has us “partying on the positive side and pumping positive vibes.”

“There’s no need to feel down,” when the Village People are in town! Why, you ask? Because we can’t help but dance and sing whenever we hear their familiar disco vibes—especially if those vibes are coming from “Y.M.C.A.” Though their multiple on-stage personas were meant to appeal to disco’s gay fans, these “young men” hit it big with everyone; and who doesn’t love to break out their dance moves while it’s playing?!

Honorable Mentions
  • “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper
  • “What is Love” by Haddaway
  • “Wannabe” by Spice Girls

You’d be hard pressed to find a rock fan who doesn’t recognize the keyboard riff that opens this Journey power ballad. The top 10 ‘80s hit is now the best-selling rock song in digital history. While multiple sports teams have adopted the song thanks to its anthemic nature and catchy lyrics, it’s the track’s use in pop culture that’s really got us “holding on to that feelin’.”

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