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The Unexpected Quarantine Playlist

Classics, Throwbacks, & Tracks You've Never Heard

By Elizabeth Biz DiedrickPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
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Lately, there's been a ton of quarantine playlists; lots of people are jumping onto the bandwagon. Like many of those playlists, this playlist includes some of the most popular, obvious tracks. However, you'll find a few wild cards you've forgotten about or never heard of.

Here are some of the notable tracks that might surprise you:

8. distance by Christina Perri

This song's popularity is moderately wide-spread, like the virus, but I don't feel like enough people appreciate it. It's surprising it wasn't on many other quarantine playlists. Right now, we have to love a lot of people at a distance, but that doesn't mean we love them any less.

16. Bad Case Of Loving You by Robert Palmer

Talk about a throwback. I think we're all in love with the wonderful medical professionals out there, risking their lives for our safety.

18. I'm So Sick by Flyleaf

This song was more well-known in the alternative, "edgy" scene (I say this with love). Many of us are probably due for a dark jam like this to get out some of that quarantine frustration.

20. Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles

If you're looking to get emotional, this song is for you. It's particularly bittersweet in today's atmosphere, but holds close the message of hope that we all could use right now.

22. Kids (Ain't All Right) by Grace Mitchell

Here's another great song to rock out to and release some frustration. Some of the lyrics strike pretty close to our current situation, and it makes you reflect on how the younger generations are dealing with the pandemic.

24. The Waiting Room by Taylor Janzen

This amazing song isn't very well-known, but it strikes a close chord to those who have had loved ones hospitalized, or have been hospitalized themselves, during this outbreak.

25. Come Die With Me by William Control

Another lesser known song, the lyrics are pretty morbid for this day and age. However, I'm sure some of you will enjoy that, as I do. Despite the darker tone, there is the sense of comfort that comes from suffering alongside others.

26. Paranoid by Emily Warren

I think we all know by now that panic-shopping is a big no-no, but we're still worried about so many other things. This song is a gentle reminder that we can choose to push away those negative thoughts, and focus on the good.

31. Stuck With Me by Timeflies

With the stay at home orders, a lot of us are spending much more time with the people in our household. This tune is a humorous take on being stuck with your housemates, for better or for worse.

34. Escape with Me by Halcyon, STARLYTE

I doubt many of you know this song, If you do, props. Many of us are looking to escape right now, and it's all the better in the company of someone you love.

36. White Flag by Joseph

Many of us can agree it feels like the walls are closing in around us. However, we're not giving up, and we're going to make it through this.

38. Home by Blue October

This song inspires us to look at quarantine in a positive, thankful light. Now more than ever, it's important to appreciate our family and the people we share our lives with. The quarantine gives us a chance to show people how much we care and how much value they add to our lives.

Everybody will find something of value in this playlist- something to cry to, something to lift your hopes, something to rock out to, something to laugh to, and something to get you through this unique period of our lives. Much like crisis, music brings us together, and reminds us that we aren't alone.


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