The Ultimate Rocky Mountain Roadtrip Playlist: PART 2

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Mountains, or couches, wherever you're spending your weekend.

The Ultimate Rocky Mountain Roadtrip Playlist: PART 2

“Renegades” X Ambassadors

Turn out you do! Not only because you’re dozing off at the wheel but because everyone needs to sing along to this ultimate adventure anthem. Chip bags get opened. Someone says “gnarly.” The party’s getting started.

“Rolling Stone” Reuben and the Dark

Party continues. Head banging and dashboard drumming ensues. You crank this one to fill everyone’s ears with the folk-rock vibes of this song that makes the monotonous task of driving considerably more epic.

“Buried” Family of the Year

The dashboard drummer keeps the beat going and everyone sings along to this cute folk jam.

“A Maker of my Time” The Paper Kites

And you start winding down again. Everyone’s had their fill of junk food for now, and they’re hitting the carbohydrate comatose. This song is another one that’s perfect for watching trees pass outside your window. And for falling asleep. Not you though - you’re driving, remember?

“Wittgenstein’s Arm” Neil Halstead

Almost everyone but you and the passenger seat pal are asleep. The two of you chat in hushed voices about old hiking trips and the plans for this trip. The air of nostalgia in this song brings about reminiscing on old times and memories.

“Go Solo” Tom Rosenthal

Thoughtfully contemplating your conversation to the gentle piano of “Go Solo” in silence. You realize that Tom’s backing band joins him in the words “I go solo” and you think to yourself that you’re never really alone as long as you’re with the people you care about. You know it’s cheesy and a little cliche, but you were really excited about this trip and now it’s finally here so you get a full whirlwind of emotions today.

“Counting Paths” Matthew and the Atlas

The haunting “ooo’s” of this song just sounds like the mountains, like a floating above the mountaintop feeling. This sound symbolism comes at a perfect time as you squint your eyes a little and can start to see the mountain ranges on the horizon. You holler at everyone to wake up and look so you can share the excitement with them.

“Vagabonds” Grizfolk

The party beat of this song makes you crave the bar party you’ll get to go to tonight after you’ve hit the trails. But since all your friends are awake now for good, you all start the party early and dance in your seats.

“White Lights” The Rural Alberta Advantage

You pull over at a rest station to let everybody stretch and use the washroom. You stand as a group next to the car to admire the mountains marking themselves even more apparent on the horizon.

“Open Road” Roo Panes

Back in the car. This song is definitely designed to hit the road. In fact, you could’ve listened to it at the beginning of the trip - but trust me, it wasn’t the right time of day for it. Now the cute whistles of this song get to lighten the mood and make everyone considerably more cheery.

“Samson” Naz Tokio & Lauren Hashio

You’ve made it. You’re finally at that song that you can roll down the window, stick your hand out and let it ride the wind. The angelic voices of this track just make you feel more connected to nature somehow.

“Mountain at my Gates” Foals

This song literally says that you see mountains. So I’d say you’re probably pretty excited by now. You might even be almost there. Either way you’ll find yourself reaching the destination sooner than you expect because watching the mountains grow larger in your windshield always makes the trip go faster.

“Running with the Wolves” AURORA

By now you may have reached your destination. Or you might only be halfway there and now you need to restart this playlist to get you the rest of the way there. Either way, AURORA’s catchy chorus gives you that “free as a bird” feeling you need to conquer this weekend of fun and exploration.

Hopefully this playlist is as great of a travel companion for you as it is for me. Or if you’re not going anywhere and stuck in the city for the weekend, hopefully it’s a great soundtrack to your fantasizing about an epic road trip with your closest pals. Either way, stay safe and have fun!

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