The power of music

by Paul Harris 6 months ago in humanity

A short synopsis of musical influence

The power of music

Hi there this is hopefully the first of many writings I creat and post on vocal I want to cover many different topics in my writing about my experiences and passions and on occasions my challenges but to begin why not take a look at something I wrote a long time ago something that I still believe is very true and still very relevant if you like what you read let us know if not what would you like to see next and what topics would you like to see covered in the future

The power of music

The power of music is a wonderful thing it helps us battle things in everyday life things you may not believe we would be able to achieve without music

Music is the universal language that we can all speak and it can bring us all together regardless of whatever boundaries we may face

Music also helps us relate to others going through similar experiences and helping you understand that your not alone

Music is truly amazing

Music is a emotional bandaid

Music is a our societal glue

Music is everything from that alarm clock you might snooze each morning to your own family song you may sing to your children

so I want you to take a moment and think about my question today..

Can you imagine a world without music?

It's scary isn't it

See I believe music is a fundamental pillar in modern day society that makes human but is what separates us from all other living things on the planet without this pillar then I feel humanity would crumble in to a robotic type lifestyle just living and working like ants

See our music is what brings humanity together no matter what race,colour,gender or sexuality music is something that brings us all together as one huge community that is something sacred something worth grabbing with both hands and making it our own but in our modern society we are so busy with our jobs / our life's we lose that connection with music we under-appreciated the value of music

Music is worth so much it is worth cherishing and appreciating for example if you see a busker in the street whether they are good or not a little appreciation goes a long way and ok Mabey you can’t afford to spare that but if change here and there but a complement is worth just as much to show your appreciation and they will often find that much more rewarding than your change

Music can be used in so many different ways to help you in all situations you can use it to

help you sleep

Wake you up

Workout at the gym

Help you become more productive with a task

It can help you relax

Whatever you use music for however you find it helps you take the time to step back and appreciate it in the moment

so if there is a song / band or artist you love and enjoy listening to weather it's because they make music that makes you feel that special feeling or is just something to Dance to I want you to share that with a new friend maybe a work college new class member or someone that hides away from everything share your passion of music and listen to there passion of music and make a new friend make that person smile

that right there is worth reaching out to that stranger to bring us all together with

The power of music

I hope you have enjoyed the read and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day

Paul here signing off :)

Paul Harris
Paul Harris
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