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The Playlist of Anti-Feels

Not that I dislike the Holiday, but I dislike the Holiday

By Jaqueline GrenierPublished 3 years ago 9 min read
Amaranthe: The Nexus

So, I know that I can be a bit of a drag when it comes to Valentine's day, but maybe it's because... welp, I don't have a significant other, and I really just don't care for the Lover's Holiday. For me, it's my younger sister's Birthday, so that's what I celebrate. Growing up with this Holiday as her birthday at first was a little strange, but I then realize that maybe this isn't so bad. But then, when no one showed up at her Birthday party, that was where I started to hate the holiday. I know it's the "Day of Love", but no one had the time to at least stop by for her Birthday. And even when I moved away from my hometown, away from her to pursue my own dreams, I always felt like Valentine's Day was my sister's Birthday, and even now.

But because I have been single for a time too, I have come detest the Holiday even more so. It's probably because I'm not in love or anything, I just think it's gross. Like please just stop. Wait until, you are away from eyes. I understand what the Holiday entails, and I get it. Love can be more than a construct, but it is literally just a chemical reaction inside your brain. Don't hate the messenger.

But anyways, enough about that, let's get into the juice!

The songs that I normally associate myself with are more so about being Independent and/or fun break-up songs, but sometimes the songs I choose to listen to are about having a good time out with the friends! Now, I am a Lisztomaniac, which means Music lover, so I guess technically in a sense Music is my Valentine, but we don't need to talk about that. What I'm saying is, well, it's hard for me to pick just one genre. I have a large collection of songs that I listen to, so I am going to show a bit of everything I have.

I love all music, but some of my favourites have been Helix, The Nexus, Digital World, and Army of the Night, all by Amaranthe, a Scandinavian Metal band. Their songs have a hard rock rhythm and I connect with them so much! They make me feel alive and really get my blood pumping and ready to go. For a time, they were my favourite Metal band, and they got me through some tough times in the last few years.

Digital World

Amaranthe: Maximize Me

Another artist I listen to is Adam Lambert, he was on American Idol and he has the voice of an angel in the best way possible. The song I believe I listened to the most was Underneath. It's a ballad about seeing through the covers of the facade, and actually get to know the pains in his soul. His other song is Ghost Town, in which he is unable to feel anything. Beautiful yet empty, these two songs from him hit my heart so hard that I was sure I got hypnotized.

Adam Lambert: Ghost Town

Kings and Queens by Ava Max was a song I just got into recently, but mostly because it's a 'If Your Single, Drink' Anthem. As an Independent Woman, it reminded me of myself, because I have always relied on myself for a lot of things. I have never really learnt anything from anyone else, I had to teach myself so much. Like how to do taxes and when to, or how to apply and when to apply for college and what it means to have a loan. What a credit score is and what it means to you. Stuff like that. I had to learn all that on my own.

Ava Max: Kings and Queens

For Once In My Life by Mel B, a former Spice Girl, is another great one I have come to truly love. It's about finally being free from a suffocating relationship and finally being able to fly on your own. The feeling I get from this song is True freedom and not having to make no conditions or compromise. Just do what you want and when.

Mel B: For Once in My Life

I have already mentioned that I love Rock music, so I will now talk about a band from the Late 80s and early 90s; Skid Row. Now these guys, I found their music by pure chance, I was playing Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS and their song Youth Gone Wild came up on the list... and there was no going back for me. Their music hit me like a brick and I was hooked since. Like 18 And Life is a ballad about a young ne'er-do-well and things just keep getting worse for him, along with the responsibilities of being an adult. I connected with their music quicker than a heartbeat because they stole my soul.

Skid Row: Youth Gone Wild

Toderick Hall and Rupaul's Dem Beats is a banger and I wish they made more music like this. Dem Beats is a song about letting go and just have a good time. But the artist I want to talk more about is Rupaul. He has some great beats and one of my favourites from him is Sissy That Walk, which is about owning what you got and pay the haters no mind. I love most of his music, but this one is my favourite from his.

Toderick Hall ft. Rupaul: Dem Beats

Rupaul: Sissy That Walk

Ludacris is one of few rappers that make it onto my playlist. His content is fun, it's original, and his rapping just hits the right spot. Stand up is a great piece of his, and it's about getting everyone on the dance floor and having a ball. He is more so into acting now, but back in the early 2000s, he was on the Hip Hop spot and he made his way onto my playlist. I jive to his music to this very day.

Ludacris: Stand Up

Pentatonix is an Acca Pella group on YouTube, and they do covers from popular artists like Queen, Imagine Dragons and Robyn. I suppose what connected me the most to them is the fact that they just have so much fun doing what they do! They even do a mix of songs like Daft Punk, which is a mixture of the band's songs. The songs are so catchy and you just forget all your problems... like the fact that Valentine's day is among us.

Pentatonix: Daft Punk

Pentatonix: Bohemian Rhapsody

All Saints is a girl band in the 90s and they have some great hits, I grew up with these lovely ladies, and I love them. They mostly take me back to to 90s where everything just seemed so simple and upbeat. When i want some nostalgia and wish for the simpler times, I put them on.

All Saints: I know Where it's At

Usher is an R&B artist and he is an amazing dancer. I never get enough of his beats, and he somehow always got me up onto the dancefloor! He makes me forget my problems when I feel like I can never wake up again and he just revives me from the ashes that I sink myself into. To me, he is a one man show, he is one of my favourite R&B artists.

Usher: More

Usher: You don't have to call

Okay, so I'm pretty sure this guy is on all the submissions for this contest, but I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF. It's Will Smith! The Fresh Prince has been on my playlist ever since I saw him on TV. His music is the epitome of Nostalgia and this guy just takes me back, along with All Saints! Will with all his glory, and pride will and always be on my playlist because the songs he sings... or raps just hit the right spot. His songs are more so feel good, and he just perks me right up on this Holiday.

Will Smith: Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It

Will Smith: Wild Wild West

I was influenced by my Metal rock-loving Parents, but that's okay, because Roll 'N' Roll will never die. Why? Because of Rock Legends! A/D/D/C, Guns 'N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister and Kiss, they lit up something in my soul that may never be extinguished, all because of the freedom they represent. The flame will always be there, and I'm pretty sure Metal will always be my favourite genre.

A/C D/C: Thunder Struck

Kiss: Roll and Roll all Night

Guns 'N' Roses: Welcome to the Jungle

Twisted Sister: We're Not going to Take it

Iron Maiden: Run to the Hills

When I need something dark and gritty (but not really), Echoes of Eternity are the ones I turn to because they are a Gothic Metal band. The song is basically about fighting and dealing with the demons inside your soul, when the truth can be hard to bite down on. This band tickles the dark part of my bones and can help me do what I need to do, even though I really don't want to.

Echoes of Eternity: Tens of Swords

Now if I really wanna go deeper another level, then I put on Disturbed. These are the guys who gave me my favourite genre! Disturbed is a Heavy Metal Band that isn't scared to talk/sing about some sensitive topics, like War Veteran abuse, and over sad topics, but they also have some other songs too, like The Vengeful One or The Light. They did a rendition of The Sound of Silence and it's absolutely beautiful.

The Light

The Sound of Silence

I have always liked Ke$ha, but some of the latest hits really have me under her thumb. I felt as if I really connected to her recently. Her new songs touch your soul in a whole new way. The sense of freedom seemed to have taken a whole new meaning in one of her newer songs called Hymn. It's about being free, and not just that but being free from stress, relationships, and those who need a reminder that they are perfect just the way they are. That they don't need a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Ke$ha: Hymn

I like musicals, but it mostly depends. I am a huge fan of Disney, and such so I wanted to show some then we can be finished. I have always had a weakness for them, because each song can tell a story. Each Song is a Ballad.

From Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barbour of Fleet Street to Frozen 2, I have a variety of songs that I want to show you, but I can only pick a few, so here are some of my favourites!

The Demon Barbour of Fleet Street: Pirelli's Miracle Elixir

Frozen 2: Into the Unknown

Moana: Song of the Ancestors

Grease: Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee

So now I just want to say that I have a lot more songs and artists that I wish I could share, but I suppose I can't. I picked the songs I did because they just help me forget my problems and help me go on with my day. Some have more significance than others, but they all help in the same way.

They help me forget my singleness.


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I always felt like there were colours all around my head, I needed a way to put them down into paper. Brain going 1000 mi per second, I can put down my thoughts with ease. With several books on the horizon, my future seems bright again.

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