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The Oldies Now

by Audie Edwards 24 days ago in vintage

The love of Music

The Oldies Now

Let me take you back to when I was a small child, a toddler in the 1980’s.

My mother plays Poison, Annie Lennox, all the 1980’s Rock bands.

When my brother's uncle was around MTV played on the television a lot.

MC Hammer would come on my brothers uncle being in his teens would run in front

Of the television and start to dance.

Excitement would build up inside of me. I would begin to follow the move I knew best, The “Running Man.”

Oh I could break it down well at least I thought so. Sir Mix A Lot, was another favorite,

He came on, I would run to the television, the only move I knew best.

“Running Man,” I broke it down.

Elvis Presley, another I grew up with my father and my aunt listen to him a lot.

Listening to “Buttercup,” well at least that is what I called his song “All Shook Up.”

Hound Dog, Teddy Bear, oh how I loved those songs. I know I drove at least my aunt crazy with having to rewind that cassette tape over and over again and again.

I couldn't help myself. I would sing long until I was out of breath.

Elvis, was so dreamy! I could not wait until I got old enough, I was gonna marry Elvis,

Or at least Micheal Jackson.

Not realizing that young Elvis was already deceased.

Growing up in a biracial household now in the early 1990’s, everyone listened to R.Kelly, TLC, Michael Jackson. So many others from R&B to Hip Hop, even Rap.

Still doing the running man, and bam something new came along the “Tootsie Roll.”

I am nine and I am busting out this “Tootsie Roll,” dance like it’s nothing. Well the “Butterfly,” I recall calling it.

I could take it down to the floor and back up twisting my legs just like they did in the music videos.

I loved how music made me want to dance. I have always had rythme.

Where I got it I will never know my parents could never dance.

I have fond memories of making pallets on the living room floor just because it was a Michael Jackson, concert on the television or an Elvis Presley movie.

My brothers and I got to stay up with my step father and watch it.

I can recall one concert of Michael Jackson were he was singing and crying and I asked,

“Is he really crying?”

“Yeah” my step father responded, “Oh man this man really gets emotional when he sings I thought to myself.”

Early 2000’s Foo Fighters, Korn, Nysnc, Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, and so much more. I just loved all types of music. Loved how it made me want to get up and dance or how it made me cry. Only country music, mainly makes you want to cry. It was always so sad.

I was never allowed to watch music videos. I would sneak and do it anyways or watch them with my step father. At least mom wasn’t catching it on my television in my room.

When I was seventeen and Khia came out with “My Neck My Back,” I went and bought the c.d. The person at the store didn’t ask for any Identification like they 're supposed to.

When mom heard it she was so mad she wanted to take it back.

Needless to say I had to give it away.

I was probably one of the few, that I knew that liked the song.

I am weird like that.

My aunt, my mother’s sister, introduced me to AcDc and Black Sabbath.

She played Dirty Deeds by AcDc, I loved it. That was my favorite song.

I sang along thinking they were saying Thunder cheap. No one ever corrects me.

When I went to get my only tattoo AcDc came on. As I am getting a blue sun tatted on my

Right ankle, I hear the tune is AcDc and it’s their song Thunder Cheap.

I start to sing along, singing Thunder Cheap. Everyone looks up at me with a funny expression on their face.

What did I do? I am wondering, Why is everyone looking at me all kinds of crazy?

I was later told,it is “Dirty deeds” and they are saying, “Done Dirt Cheap.”

Oh you could, imagine how stupid I felt.

That was the reason for the crazy looks I got.

It all makes sense now even the words to the song!

I am a mother of three children, who thinks rap music, well some rap music nowadays is horrible. Very few I enjoy listening to. Still listening to all genres of music like

Ed Sheeran, MGK, Bruno Mars, and yes I listen to Eminem as well. My oldest child who is fifteen her playlist is anywhere from David Bowie, Kiss, Elton John, and Tim Curry.

I had no clue Tim Curry even had songs of his own.

Let’s not forget Michael Jackson! She is obsessed, she knows songs I had no clue he even had.

She is my little old soul. I am still mainly listening to what I grew up on like Nelly,

“Country Grammar.” when I think I am feeling hip and want to get up and shake it.

Now my kids shake it better than I do.

New dance moves coming out all the time. My youngest daughter keeps up with it.

She can not do her school work without getting up and busting a move and there is no music playing! Talking, she is busting a move.

My son likes listening to these new rappers, I tell you what these rappers now come up with some silly names.

Look at oh 6ix9ine, I tell my son he picked the wrong name and he is always looking like some skittles.

He should have called himself Skittles or Lil’ Skittles, it goes with the look.

I feel like I am getting old. I can not get with today’s rap or today’s country.

I feel like my music will be called the oldies one day.

Like my grandfather, I listen to his oldies, Buddy Holly.

Still great music to this day.

Audie Edwards
Audie Edwards
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