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The Memory Lane Of Music

Thirty questions about the memories of your music

By Samantha ParrishPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

I was driving around my town on my errands, one of the songs I was listening to sparked an idea for this article.

I was at a red light about to turn onto the long road to the interstate and I thought about something, have I ever thought about all the songs I listened to and remembered where and when they were?

Naturally, the best creative thoughts happen while driving, this is a list of questions that came to mind while I was driving.

There won't be questions like: Which song makes you dance? What’s that song you listen to over and over? Which song did you listen to a thousand times? Those are great questions, but they’re the basic questions about music, this is more of a specific song question to search your memories for that answer. Music plays a big part of my life for creativity and writing.

I enjoyed creating these questions, and I hope you enjoy answering these questions.

  1. What was the song you listened to while you were first learning to drive
  2. What was the song that taught you about life?
  3. Which song did everyone else like but you didn't like?
  4. What song never fails to move your soul?
  5. Which song is the one you love to sing?
  6. What was the band that you loved as a kid, and do you still love that band today?
  7. What song brings out the most creativity in you?
  8. What was the song that helped you get over something traumatic?
  9. What is the song that put you back in a memory from years ago?
  10. What is the song you can belt out loud, word for word without the music?
  11. What is the song you and your family all love?
  12. Can you listen to a song that you remember being played on one of your bad days?
  13. What was the song that made you appreciate a different genre of music?
  14. What was the first romantic song that stung your eyes with tears?
  15. What was the song that helps you with your dreams?
  16. What was the first song you said, "I'm playing this at my wedding?"
  17. What was the song that you love to lip-sync to in the mirror and imagine yourself singing that song?
  18. What is the song that makes you feel empowered?
  19. What was the song your parents smiled at and told you the story about why they liked that song?
  20. What was the song that you never thought you liked?
  21. What is the song that almost got you in trouble?
  22. What is the song that was your ringtone for your cell phone?
  23. What is the one song you credit for helping you on a tough slice of life you had to accept?
  24. What's the one song that makes you create mini-music videos in your head?
  25. What song plays an important memory with your best friend?
  26. What song always makes its way to your road trip playlist?
  27. What is your favorite foreign language song?
  28. What is the earliest song that you can remember?
  29. What is your favorite song that you found in a movie?
  30. What is your guilty pleasure song?

Think about those questions, and ask those questions to a friend that loves music. Use these questions on a first date (Music is a great icebreaker). Ask your family about these songs. Music has made an impact on someone in some way, one of these questions is bound to get a very interesting answer from them.

Madonna was right when she sang, “Music makes the people come together”.

You can answer those questions if you would like in the comment section.


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