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The Best Country Music In 2022

Here are some of the best songs to come out of Nashville this year.

By Jennifer BarnesPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Best Country Music In 2022
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One of the best things to come out of 2022 was an abundance of refreshing and lyrically poignant new music. From Kelsea Ballerini’s GRAMMY-nominated song “HEARTFIRST” to country crooner Nate Smith’s “Whiskey On You,” we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite songs to come out this year!

Kelsea Ballerini - “HEARTFIRST”

Kelsea’s poppy love anthem details her internal struggle meeting someone new and choosing to dive in with her heart first. The country singer describes the ups and downs of a new love, unafraid of heartbreak

Levi Hummon - “Good Riddance” ft. Filmore, YA'BOYZ

For a pick-me-up after a long day, Levi and friends shine a different light onto the negatives in life. The country radio-topper encourages listeners to look on the bright side and say “Good Riddance” to any and all things bringing you down.

Carly Pearce - “What He Didn’t Do”

In Carly Pearce’s chart-topping hit, the songstress details the missing pieces of a love of the past. She then shares the qualities she’s looking forward to that the right person will fulfill for her.

Brandon Ratcliff - “Tale Of Two Towns”

Brandon Ratcliff shares the in’s and out’s of a life he could’ve had and the one he chose. A reminiscence of the nostalgia of visiting your hometown, while also loving yourself more for finding the courage to leave.

Casi Joy - “Business of Breaking Up”

Casi Joy details the happiness, anger and fear of separating a life with someone who once meant a great deal to her. The relatable song is filled with powerful vocals, emotion and Casi’s signature raw lyrics.

Johnny Dailey - “Got Married”

Johnny Dailey celebrates his non-traditional timeline with his family in “Got Married.” He celebrates how far he and his wife have come, while acknowledging that he wouldn’t have their story written any other way.

Nate Smith - “Whiskey On You”

The latest hit from the viral sensation is all about “getting to the other side of a breakup” according to the country crooner.

Chance McKinney - “Kill A Man”

Chance McKinney puts his own twist on a love song as he willfully and passionately describes a love that he couldn’t live without.

Maren Morris - “Circle Around This Town”

An ode to her illustrious career thus far, Maren’s vocals as well as her songwriting shine on this inspirational track.

Greylan James - “Old Truck Young Love”

Greylan shares the excitement of meeting someone new, and diving into a new relationship. Co-written alongside Greylan, Jessi Alexander, Ben Hayslip and NBA star Jimmy Butler, this song is a must-hear.

Donice Morace - “Wait ‘Til I’m Gone”

Donice Morace’s storytelling is unforgettable in “Wait ‘Til I’m Gone.” Shedding a new light on exiting a relationship, the singer wishes an old love well, while pleading that she doesn’t move on.

Taryn Papa - “Persuaded”

Taryn Papa gets out of her comfort zone with “Persuaded.” The country star showcases her powerhouse vocals while detailing a night out.

Jordana Bryant - “Guilty”

Jordana Bryant isn’t afraid to spill the beans. She shares that she’s “Guilty” of thinking and daydreaming of her love interest.

Morgan Wallen - “You Proof”

It seems like just about every track Morgan releases is magic and “You Proof” is no exception. His ability to create a masterful play on words is at the forefront in this song.

Liddy Clark - “Floodzone”

Liddy Clark details her feelings for a close friend, ready to take on a romantic relationship.

Mitch Bradford - “More Than Life”

Mitch Bradford shares an uplifting song, reminding everyone that they have a people who love them and that a bad mood is only one song away from being a great day.

Amy Jack - “Let’s Go”

Amy Jack releases her energizing, uplifting single, “Let’s Go,” perfect for adding to your workout playlist.

Becca Bowen - “Boy”

Becca Bowen brings it back to the basics - detailing that she doesn’t need extravagance to know that she’s loved.

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