The Best Concert Experience

by Mandy Petit 2 years ago in concert

Seeing your favorite band for the first time.

The Best Concert Experience

When you hear a band for the very first time it can be amazing and very emotional. I say emotional because sometimes a song let alone the band themselves can touch you like nothing else can. The words they sing, relate to your thoughts and relate to you as a person.

Sometimes there is no way to explain to someone what a song means to you. Maybe even the whole album has a way to connect to you, and you think to yourself you cannot wait until the day that you can see them live. There are so many times that people can love a band so much and not be able to see them at all. This is really unfortunate to some because as much as they think they love them, they will love them more once they see them perform all their favorite songs live.

I personally have been to 100+ concerts in my life and I can say there have been some pretty amazing ones. But the most memorable is the one band that you have been wanting to see forever and for some reason just have not yet seen. This experience can be life changing in ways that you may not be able to describe. When I say that sometimes people may think that sounds a bit dramatic, but similar to when people have passions they express things in ways that sound meaningful to them. For me that is music and seeing bands live.

Seeing Blink-182 was life changing. I have loved them since I was 14 and I have been talking about wanting to see them for as long as i can remember. After years of listening to them and wanting to see them I thought about the day that I could and how it would make me feel. I wanted to be able to see them perform all my favorite songs and I wanted to be able to experience the feeling I get when I see other bands however this would be ten times more emotional.

I cried, when they came out on stage something hit me and I was not sure what to think or feel with excitement. I knew that it was happening but it was very hard not to scream. As they played into the first song as always I know all the words, it started my experience I will never forget. Hearing all my favorite songs with thousands of people singing along.

There is something about a crowd and being able to feel the energy in a room. Sometimes the experience can be an adrenaline rush like no other and it sets the feeling of almost being lost in a different world. When at a festival there is something different that allows all elements to be brought together with thousands of people. Rain or shine, there is nothing stopping you from standing in the giant crowd.

If you were standing in a crowd with your eyes closed hearing the band perform one of your favorite songs. There is something that is sent through your body and it goes right through you from your ears to your toes as the floor shakes from the sound vibrating. You get pushed around and still manage to get the best pictures. There are so many memories created in one event, there is nothing to compare.

I hope that people who love music can get the experience they deserve by seeing their favorite bands. They need to have the connection of having them perform in front of them. Sometimes that is a feeling that nothing else can compare to once you start going there is nothing holding you back. Buying tickets to the best shows is like an addiction, but there is nothing bad about it only leaving excitement as you count down the days to the show.

Mandy Petit
Mandy Petit
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