Taemin Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 Review

Taemin Outdid Himself Again

Taemin Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 Review

It’s been a little over a month since the icon, the legend, the best man in the world released his 3rd album “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1” I been wanting to write about this album, but other artists I really like were pushing out their projects and college has been swamping me. Plus it’s a little hard to wrap around my head how incredible this masterpiece of an album is. Taemin is one of my all-time favorite soloists in Kpop and I adore his music and personality, but this album quadrupled my appreciation for him. So uh if you’re here for a coherent and unbiased review, you’re in the wrong place haha. But if you want to read me freaking out over the album and rating the tracks, then let’s go.

Track 1: Criminal

Criminal….song of the year? Song of the year. I never thought Taemin could top Drip Drop, which is my favorite Taemin track ever... until criminal came. Criminal is so sinister yet sexy. His vocals are so sweet over this deadly track that makes it even more seductive. From the beginning with the disorientating la la la, this was a lovely trip that felt like I was prey being hunted. Then the sound news report in the bridge with that hypnotic lalala building up to him saying “Ruin me more” is pure perfection. Probably my favorite bridge this year. Overall Taemin did that!


Track 2: Black Rose

Kid Milli opens up Black Rose and sets the tone for this slick and cool track. It’s seductive and Taemin and Kid Milli voices create a cool juxtaposition with the sweet notes from Taemin and deep and almost raspy rap from Kid Milli. It’s such a cool track that is so dramatic and theatrical, and I think this is an amazing song.


Track 3: Strangers

Now, why did this song make me feel like crying in the beginning? Like at first I thought this was a ballad for a reason but quickly it’s clear that it’s not. When the drop comes in the Chorus, I feel like I levitated to heaven. This song has no right to be as sick and sinister as it is. From the beginning to the end, I felt I was in a haunting dream and the first time I heard this the chorus got stuck in my head for a few days. It’s so calming yet scary, so sweet yet bitter, so lovely yet devilish. It’s just so good and it's definitly one of my fave tracks on the album.


Track 4: Waiting For

Next is Waiting For and this song was a lovely trip to hell. Like it’s so sexy yet dark and I just love the Latin vibes in the song with the instrumentals. Plus Taemin voice again I’m sorry I love his voice! And like his high notes near the end are just impeccable and uh I love this track. The only thing I’m not a fan of it the distorted voice and weird banging. The distorted parts just caught me off guard and I was very confused, but after a few more listens I got used to it. I really enjoy this track and wow….WOW


Track 5: Famous - Korean Version

Now I already heard this song when it first came out in Japanese, and I prefer the Japanese version a lot more. It just sounds cooler in Japanese if that makes sense? Also when it first came out in Japanese, I didn’t fall in love with it right away and is one of my least favorite Japanese tracks by Taemin, and having it in the album in Korean doesn’t improve it for me. I like the track and that’s really all my thoughts on it.


Track 6: Clockwork

Alright, it’s time to cry. This was an emotional rollercoaster and this really showcases Taemin vocals. I also love how they added the clock ticking sound into the instrumental, it’s so calming. I can feel Taemin emotions on this track and is just so raw and vulnerable. This is a masterpiece and is so soothing to an aching soul. It’s so beautiful and memorizing, and a great ballad.


Track 7: Just Me And You

After the cry sesh, we go back to a sexy track called Just Me And You. Another dramatic sound from Taemin and is just so sultry. It’s also has a bit of a jazz feel to it for me? Im not sure why but it does haha. I enjoy this track but it’s weaker than the other tracks on the album, and it doesn’t really stick out to me. It’s just not as memorable, but I still enjoy the track and think it fits into the album.


Track 8: Nemo

Now first I have to say at first i was confused with just the title track. I literally thought of Finding Nemo…. But apparently it means like nobody in Latin? I’m not sure but I still think of Finding Nemo haha. So with the track itself, it’s soft but very colorful and dreamy. It also has a nostalgic sense to it and is like a bittersweet romance. It’s a nice track, but honestly, it’s not one of my favorites on the track. It’s a good song don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not one of my favoritess.


Track 9: 2 KIDS

Last track we have 2 Kids, and wow this is an emotional ass song, I felt happy yet sad, excited yet down, and it’s a rollercoast. It has a nostalgic tinge to it and is definitely about Taemin thinking about his youth, and I just love how vulnerable he sounds on this track. It’s a a song about growing up and the regrets and happiness from it, and is just so raw. It’s beautiful and a great closer to this masterpiece of an album.


This album is a masterpiece and Taemin always delivers! Not sometimes! ALWAYS!


Song Ranking:

1. Criminal

2. Strangers

3. Black Rose

4. Clockwork

5. 2 Kids

6. Waiting For

7. Nemo

8. Just Me And You

9. Famous - Korean Version

Thank you for reading my review. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did check out my other reviews like Blackpink "The Album" review and Everglow recent comeback review. Also consider leaving me a tip to survive college haha. Have a good day and if it’s not a good day, I hope it gets better.

Bye Bye !

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