Start Your Dream Band at Home

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Your own start-up band

Start Your Dream Band at Home

Music bands have been around for decades, but they all started somewhere. Once they get more experience and become popular, you see them on the big stage in front of big crowds playing perfectly. The truth is they weren't always like this, a lot of bands started at someone's house. There's someone right now who wants to start a band, but doesn't know-how. There are simple steps you can take to start that band today. After you read this and start making your dream band can become a reality.


To be a musician you need musical equipment. Figure out what instrument you want to play and buy it. After you buy your instrument, then you need something that will take it to the next level, surround sound speakers. Bands are known for being loud and entertaining. What better way to take your sound and entertainment up a notch than speakers. You are also going to need cleaning supplies for all your equipment. It is important to keep your equipment clean and well taken care of, without proper care, your equipment will start to fall apart and have to be replaced. You can't make music without instruments so, treat them this way.

Learn Your Craft

Picking an instrument is only part of the job because after you pick it, you have to learn to play it. Learning to master your instrument might change your decision. You might not like the instrument when you start to learn to play, or you feel like it's not your strong suit. It's okay to change your mind and pick a different instrument you might be better at, but don't wait too long to decide. You also need to learn all about bands. Studying bands will be fun for you since starting your band is your passion. It is important to master your craft and know everything about it so you can avoid common mistakes. Your love for bands will only get stronger during this time.

Find band members

A band is made up of multiple talented people; you can't do it alone. These talented people might be friends or just fellow musicians you know from around. Whichever one you will need to find them and convince them to join your band. Some musicians are moments away from fame and money they are just missing a band. It's your job to get them to see that they would be better with your band than alone. Whomever you choose they have to be talented, and they have to be trustworthy. When you form a band, you form a bond with your band members. Bands often split because the band members weren't a good fit for each other and they didn't trust each other. Be mindful of this when picking your band.

Where to Set up

To be a band, you have to practice together, and you need space for that. Any room in your house that has enough space for your band members and equipment will work. In most homes, the garage would be the best place for your band to practice together. It has a lot of space and keeps the noise down a bit, so you don't disturb your neighbors. Wherever you choose this room must be exterminated and disinfected. The last thing you need is a Norway Rat or bugs in your band room. Your practice space is where your band will spend most of its time, so you want it to be clean.


You have a blueprint for starting your band. If this is what you want to do with your life, then pursue it, don't keep waiting around. Your band members are somewhere waiting for you so pick your instrument, find your band members, and get to work!

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Mikkie Mills
Mikkie Mills
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