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SILENT SKIES Release Introspective New Album “Dormant”

The Duo Features Tom S. Englund from EVERGREY and Pianist/Composer Vikram Shankar

By RockNRollBuddhaPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
[photo credit: Patric Ullaeus]

Swedish-American atmospheric melancholic pop duo SILENT SKIES have released their highly anticipated new full-length, Dormant via Napalm Records. Alongside the album release the international ambient collaboration unveils a focus track, entitled “Reset”.

Diving deep into philosophical and existential themes through their poetic, reflective lyrics and tender piano melodies, with “Reset” SILENT SKIES presents yet another heart-wrenching and beautiful original composition. The single is accompanied by a music video, directed by the international joint team of Patric Ullaeus and Paul Moore, which offers an evocative visual rendition of the song's central themes.

SILENT SKIES add “Our third single, 'Reset,' from the album Dormant, explores issues of identity and inner spirit. Many of us struggle with feelings of dissatisfaction, a lack of inner peace, and pressure to meet societal expectations. The journey of self-actualization is difficult, and both external and internal forces work against us. Each day presents new obstacles as we strive for serenity and purpose. 'Reset' serves as an introspective examination, a candid and unfiltered reflection of our deepest existential worries, and, most importantly, an invocation to rediscover, revitalize, and reconnect with our true selves.”

Watch the "Reset" video:

Continuing on the atmospheric path of Scandinavian melancholy charted on their previous full-lengths, Nectar (2022) and Satellites (2020), Dormant, the new brainchild of Englund and Shankar, features stunning piano melodies, atmospheric keyboards, lush and expansive soundscapes, and hauntingly beautiful and intense vocals.

SILENT SKIES’ third offering is melancholic and calming, yet effervescent and incandescent, expanding the duo’s sonic universe in every direction - it is the result of brave sonic experimentation married to the tastefully artistic aesthetic that defines the group. Throughout the varied peaks and valleys of their compositions, it is their powers of expression, and reflection on the human experience - in their own words, “conversations with life, about life” - that give their music the power to speak to a vast array of lived experiences, and reach people with diverse tastes, as long as they are interested in appreciating art as a reflection of life itself.

SILENT SKIES on Dormant: “We are thrilled to present Dormant, our third record, crafted with immense joy and offered with satisfaction and eagerness to share our heartfelt dedication over the past 18 months. With Dormant, SILENT SKIES propels itself further into more uncharted territory, embarking on a journey whose destination remains unknown even to us. Like passengers on a train, we embrace the excitement and exhilaration of the ride, relishing in the uncertainty of our future direction. The freedom of creativity is a vital source of energy for us during the composition and production journey for our music. Within Dormant, you will find a multitude of intricate details, a plethora of musical landscapes, and an abundance of concepts, all waiting for you to dive in and explore their depths. At its core, Dormant delves into the awakening of a sleeping or forgotten consciousness, urging it to be present and take action in the now.

They continue "It is an album that, from the early stages, felt like a profound conversation with life, about life. It encapsulates the ongoing dialogue and introspection with our inner selves as we seek equilibrium and harmony. Ultimately, it is a realization that what we yearn for is a stillness of the mind and soul — a sense of contentment, pride, and connection with what is our most authentic selves. We believe that you will find resonance with many of the reflections we share within Dormant, and we eagerly anticipate continuing this dialogue with all of you. This journey has only just begun. Let’s awaken together. Tom & Vikram”

Silent Skies - Dormant - Album Cover

Dormant Track Listing

1).Construct (Video)

2). New Life

3). Churches (Video)

4). Just Above The Clouds

5). Reset (Video)

6). Tides

7). The Real Me

8). Light Up The Dark

9). Dormant

10). The Last On Earth

11). The Trooper (Bonus Track)

12). Dancing In The Dark (Bonus Track)

13). Numb (Bonus Track)


Tom S. Englund - Vocals, Production

Vikram Shankar - Piano, Keyboards, Production


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