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River Studio's acoustic night, Friday 8th July

Acoustic showcase evening featuring local acts

By Charlie SmithPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

I want to start this article off by thanking all the performers who played at this event. I hadn't actually met them before the event, as in some cases I actually found their music online. I have to say though, that everyone lived up to any expectation I had and the performances while all very different, were of high quality. Apart from me of course, but in all fairness, I barely got any sleep the night before and I hadn't eaten any dinner. Plus I had to worry about timing and making sure everyone turned up and if you don't know me I am a worrier especially when it comes to these sorts of things.

It was a shame that two performers couldn't make it because of illness, but they have both made a speedy recovery now and will feature instead on other acoustic nights that river studios are hosting. So don't worry they haven't missed out on taking part in a great evening of acoustic music.

The running order for the evening was as follows:

  • River knight
  • Rhirhi
  • Now we are dead
  • Bo gallows
  • Kiera dann
  • The Reverend Sam
  • Charlie Smith
  • River Knight

    River knight photo by Charlie Smith

    To kick things off we started with a duo! Two voices, one guitar and a backing track. I've picked out my favourite tune of theirs to share with you and I must say it was probably the best song they played in this set, but then again maybe I'm biased because I like the song the most. It's hashtag #rkgrow if you want to catch more of them on Twitter!


    rhirhi photo by Charlie Smith

    When I first heard rhirhi songs I really liked that lo-fo sound, but I did wonder how they would sound live. I can tell you that they sound really great. I expect alot from her in the future because really her whole EP deserves a listen. Was hard to pick the best song but I went with this.

    Now we are dead

    Now we are dead photo by Charlie Smith

    Next up we have Now we are dead and time for something a little different! Unfortunately, he hasn't released my favourite yet as he claimed that it was the song he had written when he was younger. So you have to settle with his latest single with some interesting rhythms.

    Bo Gallows

    Bo gallows photo by Charlie Smith

    I must admit usually I am the most down-beat act of the evening but Bo Gallows takes the cake with this one. After having two existential crises I found myself enjoying the soulful, sombre tones. Check out this live performance.

    Kiera Dann

    Kiera Dann photo by Charlie Smith

    Another change up now with some keyboard from the extremely talented Kiera Dann. Her whole set was very technical but it was performed very smoothly and with great grace. I was impressed with her performance of her latest single 'Sadie's dream' which is very much worth giving a listen to.

    The Reverend Sam

    The Reverend Sam photo by Charlie Smith

    The foot-stomping Reverend Sam really got the crowd going for his performance. We were treated to multiple different instruments, demonstrating his dedication to his craft. We were even treated to a capella song as well. Check out this video of him playing one of his songs live at the event.

    Charlie Smith

    Charlie Smith photo by Chole Crookes

    I wouldn't want to talk about myself too much. Do you like my T-shirt though? Everyone loves pizza. If you would like to check out my latest song you can below.

    So there we have it a lovely night of music. Everyone put their own spin on the evening and had their own style. It was a shame that due to illness we could not have the full lineup, but the show went extremely smoothly and I just want to thank again all the artists who agreed to play and also everyone that brought tickets.

    I'm currently working on putting on shows at different venues with new and also familiar faces. The next one will be at The Angel, Southampton on the 13th of August. If you would link to check out tickets I will leave a link below. Thanks for reading, and hopefully see you around at a gig.

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    • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran11 months ago

      This was so enjoyable to read

    • Rose Dove11 months ago

      Great read, a truly awesome experience that really transports the reader!!

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