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"Resist, Stand Up, Fight Back"

by Xavier Gonzalez Jr. 5 years ago in humanity / pop culture / satire
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The Official Anthem of #TheResistance

Like millions of other people across the country, the results of the 2016 Election hit me pretty hard. The thought of a thin-skinned, racist, xenophobic, demagogue being the leader of the free world was and still is absolutely terrifying.

Let's face it. Every single day of this administration has been a complete and utter nightmare. Jobs are being lost. Rights are being taken away. Hope is being destroyed.

Even in the face of such adversity, I am pleased to be able to say that the rise of #TheResistance is growing with each passing day. From marches on Washington to movements online, the good people of this country are coming together, rising up, and fighting back against the greatest threat we've seen in a generation...Donald J. Trump.

As a musician, it has been especially hard watching Trump slowly chip away at funding for the arts and sciences. That is why I felt it was important for me to try and do something to help #TheResistance. Anything. I wanted to create something that gave people their hope back.

It's my belief that my song, "Resist, Stand Up, Fight Back" can do just that.

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Resist, Stand Up, Fight BackWords and Music by Xavier Gonzalez Jr.What have we doneA monster’s taken over, everyoneWhere have we beenThe future for our children’s caving inWe’re tired of liesThey’ve had their timeSo this we singResist, Stand Up, Fight BackThis is our moment nowWhat can we doThe man up in the tower’s just a foolHow can we beWhen the truth and all the facts are so hard to seeWe’re tired of liesThey’ve had their timeSo this we singResist, Stand Up, Fight BackThis is our moment nowWe only have each otherWe are just sisters and brothersThere’s never been a greater timeFor people to unite


We’re tired of the liesAll this hateAnd Russian spiesWhat do we doWhen a man who mocks the weakIs in charge of the peace we seekThis can’t be the end of the fightNo, this is our timeOur momentOur duty to stand and reject hatredWherever it may hideWe have the power to changeTo press onTo stand upTo fight, fight, fightResist, Stand Up, Fight BackThis is our moment now

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