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Reason First: The Wisdom of Wayne

Rapper Lil' Wayne learns from his past and excels.

By Skyler SaundersPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Who is it that says that rappers lack the discipline of erudition? Lil’ Wayne foregoing a security check at the Rolling Loud musical festival probably proved to be the right thing to do. Because of his past incarceration, and altercations with law enforcement he just decided to skip that drama and perform at a second venue known as STORY for the afterparty. The wisdom of Wayne shows his keen awareness of situations. Who knows what Wayne carried with him those moments before stage time?

As he has been linked to guns and drugs, it was smart of him to avoid a possible charge. Unlike fellow rap artist Kodak Black who caught charges for firearms, Wayne’s acuity showed up as he prepares is to enter his fourth decade in a few years. He is sagacious enough to recognize when he could be potentially compromised. As he addressed his base of supporters, he said, “Sorry, but I won’t be performing,” on Twitter.

He continued by writing that in fact, the “Festival Police” and not Rolling Loud remained the authority that could have brought down the rapper. His intelligence brought him to realize that serving more time would not be a good look, to say the least. By clearing up any difference between the Festival cops and Rolling Loud, Wayne demonstrated discernment. He could have been accosted or maltreated by “poser” cops in Miami. Just based on his celebrity status. Stories conflict as to a detail that could prove to be crucial. Was Wayne checked or did the police try to check him. The reports must have misconstrued the part of the story where the “Lollipop” rapper received a “check” from the police.

Signs point to the fact that if he had been checked, allegedly, some kind of contraband may have been found. But Wayne stood up on principle, and refused to perform not as a sacrifice, but to safeguard something more precious: his freedom. Wayne has amassed quite a fortune to be harassed by potentially corrupt cops in this case in Miami.

For avoiding time in jail, Wayne must consider his children, and other members of his team. If he is caught up in any kind of web of confusion, It would only mean that his gravy train would slow. While all of his efforts in the business of music he has generated, he still must meet the obligations that come with being a rap superstar. His selfishness will serve him well, and he has already exhibited the mental might to fight for his liberty.

By plugging his upcoming tour with rock band Blink 182, he had declared that he has moved from this situation, and focuses on observing brighter horizons. To be unshackled physically, and in this particular case, spiritually, he has allowed himself to experience growth.

As he continues to evolve as a man, Wayne will be able to make decisions that will enrich his own life, as well as his values. Every avenue that he pursues will be highlighted by the sign of the dollar. The intensity, and grandeur that he displays at his concerts will sustain him to reach ever-higher planes of existence. He truly possesses a flair for the role of a showman during his time on the stage. To abruptly end the entire performance means that he sensed that something remained amiss, and that he could not go on with that knowledge.

In one of the most profitable music genres going, Wayne should have the wherewithal to continue his journey of self-discovery, and enlightenment. For his actions in bypassing those checks, Wayne has allowed himself to grow.


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