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Oh Hiii, Mark

Songs for When You’re High and in Love

By Lauren ColgatePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Oh Hiii, Mark
Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

...And I may happen to be one of those.

Imagine... a few years long ago... you just met the love of your life but you don’t know it at first. All you know is that he has the best smile in the whole world and the first time you laid eyes on him, you felt as if you had known him for longer than you’d been alive.

He is almost your first everything. You’ve never been in love before. You’ve waited and not settled. Then this prince shows up. A strapping young man. Intelligent and deep.

You spend the summer stealing away from work and your dad’s place to meet. You make love in a hammock in the forest. You skinny dip in a lake at two in the morning. Countless adventures. Too many to mention.

The highest you’ve ever been has nothing to do with drugs. It’s when you whisper in his ear those three important words in your driveway on a balmy summers eve. And he says he feels electricity and honey and warmth wash over him.

And you dance in your room and smile in your sleep that night.

You first captured his attention when you hopped into a fountain on your first date and got your doc martins soaked. “I like to keep things interesting,” you say with a grin. That was the moment of the first of hundreds. One passionate kiss down, nine hundred and ninety-nine to go.

And now, years later, through bad trips and heartache, you can’t help but smile hearing the music of your young love and your heart-high.

...Though your eyes may leak a little.

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now- Starship

I Get Overwhelmed-Dark Rooms

Flaming Hot Cheetos- Clairo

Lover is a Day- Cuco

Making Chit Chat with a Stranger at a Dinner Party- Michael Sayer

Star girl Interlude- The Weeknd, Lana del Rey

Cool Out- Matthew E. White, Natalie Prass

New Light- John Mayor

Eyes Without a Face- Billy Idol

Lovers Rock- TV Girl

Dreams- Bazzi

Slow Dancing in the Dark- Joji

Can I Call You Tonight?- Dayglow

Sunflower- Swae Lee, Post Malone

You Might Be Sleeping- Cuco, Jakob Ogawa

I Always Knew- The Vaccines

How Was Your Day- Clairo, Mellow Fellow

Different State of Mind- Kid Bloom

Window- Kid Bloom

Drugs- M.A.G.S.

I Wanna Be Your Mantra- Tino Drima

Morphine- The Ninjas

Pretty Ugly- Tierra Whack

Sun Was High (So Was I)- Small Black

Disco Dancing- Sean Nicholas Savage

Half Light- Rostam, Kelly Zutrau

The Beat Comes- Snowden

Blue Lips- Her’s

Who’s Gonna Drive You Home- Lee Andre

A Side/ B Side- Tipling Rock

Televised- Hunny

Magic City- Gorillaz

Escapade- Noir Disco

Habit (Blood Cultures Remix)- Cool Company, Blood Cultures

2 Know You is 2 Love You- The Maldives

You Love Me in My Dreams- Ariel Days, Allie Templeton

Blackberries- Emily Blue

I Need You- The Pesky Snakes

Hall of Horrors- Teen Ravine

Sonate Pacifique- L’Emperatrice

Harvey- Her’s

Afterglow- Pet Fangs

Crystal Blue Persuasion- Tommy James and the Shondells

How Deep is Your Love- PJ Morton, Yebba

Heartbeat- Middle Part


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