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My Milestones

Scenes from my life

By HummingbirdPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
My Milestones
Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

I hope you enjoy the playlist by clicking the link below or alternatively by clicking on an individual song title that you might be curious about as you are entertained by the stories that accompany each.

Mango Groove - Dance Some More

I was a toddler, probably around the age of three, with a stay at home mom for company. My elder sister was at preschool and the younger one was not yet born. I was not a troublesome kid so I know that the manner in which Mom danced to this song was not to keep me quiet! But it sure left me in good spirits as she wiggled her body from one end of the sitting room to the other. This song broke barriers in apartheid South Africa and brought people together, even until today.

Days of Our Lives theme song

This was a moment when the entire neighborhood went quiet. No kids playing outside, no women gossiping, no teenagers congregating on the stairwell - quiet. All I know is, when you hear 'like sands through the hourglass', your homework better be done, your room neatened, you have eaten your meal, etc. Although, we were not really allowed to watch a soap opera, I think lowkey and in hindsight Mom knew the only way SHE was getting to watch, is if she let us watch too.

'I'll Be There For You' (Friends Theme Song)

Today, I watch 'Friends' reruns and I absolutely love this sitcom. The memory that this unlocks is, the channel that 'Friends' used to play on was a pay-to-view channel which we didn't pay for. However, this channel would allow free viewership for 2 hours in a day. This was between 5-7pm. 'Friends' starts at 7pm. The theme song will play and the screen will go blank.

Mafikizolo - Ndihamba Nawe

If any readers have experienced the South African culture, you know that music plays a huge role in its society. This group, Mafikizolo was played at every gathering no matter the color of one's skin. Even if you didn't speak isiZulu, you could sing along with this song. It's not a great direct translation but in the Zulu culture, it is a compliment if someone says 'Ndihamba Nawe' (I choose you). The girl says "I love the way you sing, I choose you". The guy says "I love the way you gain weight just right, I choose you". Well as I observe now, in the West, if a guy says anything about a girls weight, he better get ready to meet his maker.

Shaggy - It Wasn't Me

At this time, I am earning my own money and this was the first concert I ever went to. Shaggy was hot during this time with 'Angel' also being blasted from every car and home you pass.

I've Got You Babe - Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube was amazing in so many ways. He had numerous songs of freedom that was played in so many countries that needed hope. I did not realize this until much later in life. All I remember was, growing up listening to this local artist was a privilege. He drew crowds every time he performed.

The Bodyguard • I Have Nothing • Whitney Houston

I can easily say that this is probably my favourite movie in this genre. I was a young adult and very disciplined so I never dated because I thought too highly of myself. That mindset certainly paid off. The emotions this movie evoked were almost like unrequited love or even forbidden love. It's like I lived through these characters. I would see someone, and I knew the feeling is wrong but I had to excercise self-control and remember my worth.

Babyface - Exceptional

This is where 'knowing my worth' starts paying off. When my husband courted me, this is the song he associated me with. He thought I was exceptional. He felt lucky that out of everyone that could receive my love, I chose him.

Debelah Morgan - Baby I Need Your Love

My proposal was spectacular! It was a flashmob! There was a selection of songs that I would usually listen to but this one is what gave it away. The other songs were just popular songs liked by many people. Up until this point I just thought I was watching an event or a practice dance session but when Debelah Morgan played, I said "What is going on?"

Kenny G - The Moment

This is the song my Dad walked me down the aisle to. It was the backing track and the highlight was the soprano saxaphone, played live by a local artist. At the end of the aisle was the man I always dreamt I deserved.

Thank you for reading My Milestones.

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