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My Gospel Soliloquy: His Eye Is on the Sparrow

by Zari's Diary 3 years ago in humanity
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A song of Empowerment

Zari (me) singing His Eye Is on The Sparrow.

As a singer, I have to be able to connect to a song. I can not imagine singing a song without singing from my heart. Also, I believe that a dull performance with no emotion is a poor performance.

I once sang His Eye is on The Sparrow a cappella for my friend Carnecka. While singing to her, I felt a sense of fulfillment. When I finished singing Carnecka told me, "you have a beautiful voice." "You sound like no one else when you sing." She also said my voice was honest. I love that compliment! People have always told me my voice was beautiful. No one had ever told me my voice is truthful. I knew then His Eye is on The Sparrow touches me emotionally, spiritually, and truthfully. I not only understand but relate to the song's meaning.

The Spirituality..

His Eye Is on The Sparrow holds a special place in my heart. I sang the song for my great aunt Gloria when her daughter Lisa died in 2018. I remember being on Lisa's funeral program to sing the song. I made it to the funeral late due to a flat tire and missed my solo. Fortunately, My Mother came up with a suggestion. My mother thought it would be a great idea to sing the song to aunt Gloria at the house (my aunt's house).

My aunt was in the bedroom when I arrived at her home. I will never forget the moment I sang for her. Most of my family surrounded my aunt's bedroom doorway. My mother and grandmother took out their phones to record me. Then, I stood in the middle of the bedroom and started singing. I felt a little nervous. I knew my aunt was upset about losing her daughter. I was hoping the song would uplift her. As my aunt looked onward, I closed my eyes. I let the spirit whisk me away as I begin to sing.

My aunt loved my rendition of the song; it made her happy. My aunt Gloria passed away a year later. The moment I shared with her is now priceless. Since my aunt's passing, I think about what the song meant to her. I think about what it means to me. For me, it holds an empowering message of strength. My favorite verse of His Eye Is on The Sparrow is the third verse.

Third Verse:

"Let not your heart be troubled,” His tender word I hear,

And resting on His goodness, I lose my doubts and fears;

Though by the path He leadeth, but one step I may see;

His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me;

His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

The verse turns into my gospel soliloquy. I start to speak to myself on a spiritual level. I examine my thoughts of sadness, doubt, and fear. I wonder why those thoughts ever entered my mind.

The Emotion..

I am guilty of doubting my inner power - courage. At times, fear leads me to believe I'm not capable of being special. However, when I sing the song, His Eye Is on The Sparrow it, changes me. Suddenly, I am a vessel being used to deliver a message. I begin to minister to myself. I start to look in the mirror. I see the protagonist (me) in the song. I ask Zari, why are you unhappy? Your life is filled with bliss! Why do you not believe in yourself? Why are you manifesting fear? Why are you afraid of fear?

The song means I should not have doubts about myself. I have value, and power lives within me. Also, The song teaches me that rising through pain or doubt is essential to life. My courage gives me the ability to fight fear, believe, and succeed in life. Having courage helps me believe in me. So many times, I doubt myself. My capability of being special should not be a question or a doubt. That's how His Eye Is on a Sparrow helps me find and remember my power.

The Truth...

Also, the song has helped me understand fear is a pretense disguised as the truth. Sometimes I am afraid of fear but, there is nothing for me to fear. Sure, obstacles may exist but, there is nothing I can not conquer. I will go through a storm but, there is always a rainbow at the end. His Eye Is on The Sparrow is an affirmation of that concept. So, Yes! I sing because I am happy! Yes! I sing because I am free! I have power in me!


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Zari's Diary

Hey everyone! I'm Zari welcome to my diary! I started this blog to express and discuss my passion for writing, crochet, art, singing, dance, and poetry! Yes! I'm very talented! Follow me as I create!

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