A boon or a Curse


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Music/Television makes one feel Energised and Refreshed.Its a healer and helps tackle problems and Emotional wellbeing. But the Irony is.. these days people are using Music as a tool to disturb others as they play it too loud at high listening volumes.Music should help Nurture souls rather than hurting anyone.

Why you are making other people uncomfortable at the cost of your enjoyment?

Healthy neighborhood with good understanding and intensions can bring up a healthy society .

A society is always a blend of various cultures ,values, attitudes and beliefs.

But the problems comes up when we talk of openness. A person is judged by others on the basis of Gender mostly.The society considers Men as stronger gender than Women. But the Irony is gender biased world can only give non-acceptance and clashes in relationships. Your opinion should matter but in biased world it doesn't .So there is always a conflict of ideas and conflicts generate negativity.

Efforts bring good results only if they're done with right spirit.In relationships problems come if you are being compared, criticized,judged on daily basis on unfair grounds and biased environment.It becomes hard to be yourself .Noisy environment,pressure building on your head, lowers down work effiency.

In developed countries there is Zero tolerance towards abuse . But in developing countries abuse is taken as part of life.Some people are good enough building castles in the air but when it comes to practicality they are in silence. Those who think they are perfect should prove themselves first rather than always finding faults in others .Generation gap in families are one of the biggest challenges being faced by people especially women.

Being  a woman, you are not allowed to have your say in important matters because Men think you are dominating them and their ego comes in-between.Then you can see the after effects as their changed behaviour towards you.After quarrel you loose your emotional health and physical health.People start pointing out your mistakes and you are proved "Wrong".

All this has no solution.Education empowers you but lack of understanding and fierce competition and unnecessary comments and comparisons destroy you . Seeking a balanced state is much needed.Healthy minds together can shape up healthy society .

Young children need peace to learn and develop. Understanding each other is" Need of the hour"

Music helps reduce stress and anxiety.Music provides good feelings.But music needs to be used positively.

These days noisy neighborhood can create problems as kids have exam stress and get distracted by loud noise.

Understanding plays  an important role in relationships as misunderstanding creates confusion and chaos.If you are a woman,you will always be compared,criticized,put down by others.Your work will never be appreciated,rather you will be put down by people good at fault finding .These people will never see what their contribution is but always enjoy at finding faults and announcing these as well to others.

This generates negativity and discord in relationships.Women can change the world only if they are treated positively by the society. Unnecessary comparisons ,creating competition generates negativity.An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.Power comes when all Karma doers are aligned towards common goal.Team makes Dream Works.

Struggle is essence of life.Life is about to get good.

With care and cooperation society can cherish good relationships.Relationships can be nurtured by overcoming barriers like materialism,overthinking,comparing,criticizing.Emotional well being plays an important role in nurturing relationships.Abusing,drinking alcohol leads to loose of control of presence of mind.

Shweta  Sharma Devgan
Shweta Sharma Devgan
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