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Music to Zen Out and Focus

by Derek Evers about a month ago in playlist

Two playlists to help with meditation and creativity

Music to Zen Out and Focus
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Music is the only thing that seems to calm my otherwise busy mind. Since before I can remember, I've used music as a way to escape reality and find peace in the moment.

As an adult, it's become even more important to me to have music around as the world continues to make me more, and more, and more anxious. Meditation and yoga have helped, however music is the only thing that seems to reach deep enough inside me to pull out the calm.

Additionally, music helps me focus better and get into a good flow while I'm writing or editing videos. Whenever I'm stuck, I know there's a song that can push me through it.

If you're like me, then I have some music recommendations for you!

Here are the playlists I use to help me "Zen out":

Meditate Yourself to Sleep

When I meditate, it's usually at night, for at least ten minutes right before I hit the hay, however I actually listen to a song from this playlist for the hour I spend winding down. This playlist consists of all the videos/songs I've used in the past several months for meditation/relaxing.

Each video focuses on opening a specific "chakra" or all seven chakras which might seem a little out there to some, but whether or not you believe in the "opening of chakras", these videos have proven time and time again to be very helpful in mellowing out.

Every track is several hours long, and after I start playing one, the tranquil bells and chimes invite me to focus on the music and just be present in the moment. Also, every video fades to black after about 30 minutes of listening which makes it perfect to play on my TV because it reduces the light it gives off while I go through my nightly routine.

Click the upper righthand button to view the whole playlist on YouTube.

Track list:

  • Third Eye Chakra Sleep Meditation
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Sleep Meditation
  • Meditation music, Positive Energy Vibration, Good Vibes, Healing Music
  • Crown Chakra Sleep Mediation
  • Throat Chakra Sleep Mediation
  • Heart Chakra Sleep Meditation
  • Sacral Chakra Sleep Meditation*
  • Root Chakra Sleep Meditation

*The Sacral Chakra sleep meditation video is my favorite out of these eight. I'm not certain what about it specifically sticks out but I know that I sometimes feel more relaxed listening to it than the other songs.

Chill Out and Work

As I mentioned earlier, I also use music to help me focus while I'm writing or editing a video for my YouTube channel! However, it's a very specific type of music: ambient.

Ambient music has no words and is used to create a particular atmosphere and mood. For example, one video below is Winter Ambience New York of 1945s with Fireplace & Music – a very specific theme that is accomplished through careful selection of music, background noise, and images.

This type of music is perfect to listen to while working because it has no lyrics and will not distract your mind. And it has a very similar effect as the meditation tracks above in that it also helps me stay present and aware.

Click the upper righthand button to view the whole playlist on YouTube.

Track list:

  • Winter Ambience New York 1945s with Fireplace & Music*
  • Reiki Music, Healing Music
  • Reiki Music, Energy Healing
  • Japanese Village, Ambient Worlds

*The winter ambience in New York track is my favorite because it so perfectly captures what I would imagine that time period to feel like. Also, the classical sound of the piano and violin is great! It never fails to inspire my creativity.

Sit Back, Relax, And Zen Out

Although I use these playlists for specific tasks throughout the day, feel free to apply them whenever, and wherever, you want! Feeling grumpy in the morning or a little out of sorts at night, listen to these playlists, relax, and breathe. Everything will be just fine.

By Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash


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Derek Evers
Derek Evers
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