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Music Heals

by Mayuko Fukino-Mayhill about a year ago in humanity

Returning to True Self

🌺My Luna Ukulele🌺

💚How do YOU express yourself?💚

51 years on this earth, I was always ALWAYS surrounded by music 🎶

I grew up listening to my Mom sing classical songs and traditional Japanese songs. 🎶❣️

She insisted on me and my sister to learn how to play an instrument so I picked a piano at the age 5 and my sister picked a violin and she was 3 years old.😳😉🎶

After that, I continued with piano (yes... even when I didn’t want to go to a lesson, my mom “made”me go...😂) and picked up flute and took vocal lessons, and played drums throughout my preteens and teens.

During early 20s, I studied music and theater so naturally I was with music all day and all night... cuz I hang out with my friends and went to Karaoke~ 🎤 🎶😊

I taught English through drama (Ms. Narahashi’s school so mostly musicals) while I was in Japan (this is when I got to go to England and back in the USA for performances) for 3 years so I continued to be surrounded by music 🎶

I got married to a musician so of course, I was surrounded by music and I experienced different music then🎶 and met some amazing people😉 (you know who you are ~❣️)

I didn’t play any of my instruments but I sang for my children every night 🎶and sang my heart out at church🎶🥰 (my kids know..😜)

After my 2nd child, I started to get ill often with stomachache and migraine and doctor diagnosed me with IBS (but it didn’t sound right to me cuz I was having the doubled up moment near the bathroom... sorry ... once a month...🧐)

Then I had my 3rd healthy child... then when my 3rd child was 6months old, I was doubled up on the floor in the bathroom at a restaurant and I couldn’t stand up nor move... I felt like I was gonna pass out... cuz I was in so much pain.... next thing I know I woke us but was in heavy dose of morphine in the hospital...with a diagnosis of PANCREATITIS...😳

No, I wasn’t a drinker nor smoker... so I fell into 10% unknown cause catagory.... I really thought I was going to die...

But I didn’t...😉 💜🎶

How did I survive?

How did I keep on going?

I honestly believe because

*of these 4 kids

*I learned to have a conversation with Creator (meditate and pray and listen—-this is a story for another time)

*of singing/music (at church)

Through music, my tiny voice kept the line of communication/relationship with Creator/Holy Spirit/Angels/Higher Self and kept me moving forward 💚🎶🙏🏻

After I went through divorce, I decided to pick up piano again 🎹 🎶 (I am forever thankful to My dear friend and her family~!) the moment I opened the piano and I sat in front of the keys, I still remember my whole body vibrated with the notes I played. Now I think of it, that’s the experience of co-creating 😊💚🎶

(I’m skipping a profound story when I was in Japan 🎶🎶💚😉)

Now I moved and happily married, it is time for me to return to express myself and co-create😉 I always thought I am not the kind of person to pick up a string instrument (technically piano is string instrument...😜) I fell in love with this particular instrument so I’m stepping out of my comfort zone~!! (I bought it before I moved and picked it up and didn’t put myself to play...🤦‍♀️) but I’m picking it up, It is all because of Mr. Aaron Crowell, Mr. Kimo Hussey and Mr. Shimabukuro brothers!! 🎶🎶🎶

Not a piano but I am picking up a new instrument 🎶🎶💙🌊

Don’t ever ever forget to shine your light.

Don’t ever ever stop to express in your own way no matter what everyone else says😊💚🙏🏻✨🎶

How do YOU express yourself?😊

Aloha nui🌺 🎶🎶~


Mayuko Fukino-Mayhill

I am a Mom of four grown children (who are 22, 20, 17 and 14), a Wife and 2 fur babies. I am a yoga teacher and a Mind Body Spirit Wellness Coach. I love traveling to places, meeting people and eating/cooking food!!!

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