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Music and Visualisation

From modern classical, to experimental ambient. Come with me and let me share with you my playlist designed to influence your zen state of mind.

By Fiona Teddy-JimohPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Music and Visualisation
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As of April 2021, there are currently 7.9 billion people on planet Earth (sourced from Worldometer).

Every single one of us are born with a unique set of personalities that tailor our talents, fears, and goals. While we are tremendously unique as we journey through life, we all have one thing in common - we experience emotion. Whether it is a fleeting moment, or deeply submerging, emotion can sculpt, direct, and govern our lives.

We need emotion to help us make sense of the world around us. It is important that we identify our emotions and centre ourselves in a zen state of mind that promotes peaceful and positive outcomes.

There are many ways to evoke emotion. I like to listen to music and use visualisation techniques as it helps me guide my zen and prepares me for anything and everything.

Come with me. Let me share with you the music, and the visualisation techniques that influences my zen state of mind.

The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the Birds

Genre: Modern Classical

Record Labels: Ninja Tune, Domino

Zen Influence: Calming

Rationale: Whenever I feel sad or anxious I listen to this beautiful score originally written for Disney's The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos. The classical instruments remind me that no matter what, I am still here, I am still alive.

This world can be so cruel sometimes and throw us into complete disarray. However, all things are temporary. The birds will still sing, and the trees will still grow.

Over time, the sadness and anxiety I feel will dissolve into the past and all that will remain for a while will be calming tranquillity.

Visualisation: You are standing in the middle of a forest. There are trees, leaves, and flowers all around you. It is the middle of summer and there are birds singing songs of bliss and happiness high in the silky sky. It is only you in this forest. The air is fresh and warm. You close your eyes and take a deep breath in.

You count to three…onetwothree.

You exhale slowly, open your eyes and smile. A warmth feels you up from the middle of your heart , to your chest and your tummy. It spreads to your arms, your legs, and reaches to your toes and fingertips. Your face glows. You feel calm. This is exactly where you need to be.

Bonobo - In All Forms

Genre: Downtempo

Record Labels: Ninja Tune, Tru Thoughts

Zen Influence: Energetic

Rationale: Sometimes I need to be reminded that I can overcome any challenge. It may not be easy, but it is not impossible.

We are all talented, fantastic individuals with individual drives and passions. We are needed, and necessary for the successful progression of planet Earth.

With its energetic beats and distance vocals encouraging me to "just put on my best", I can always count on this song to inspire me to realign my focus and tackle anything with positive thinking.

Visualisation: You are flying - soaring. You feel your hair dance wildly as you accelerate through the skies. You are free. You are exactly who you need to be.

Below you, the landscape merges into vivid colours. From the deep blues of the sea , to the wild greens of fields and forests . It smooths to the blackest of tarmac and roads and transforms into the reds of houses.

You find your home, glide gracefully through your bedroom window and land in the middle of your room. You close your eyes and take a deep breath.

You count to three…onetwothree.

You exhale slowly, open your eyes and smile. You feel a passionate fire ignite deep within your soul. You’re ready for anything and everything.

Bondax - All Inside

Genre: Future Garage

Record Labels: Justus Recordings, Super Recordings, Relentless Records

Zen Influence: Flirty

Rationale: If I am feeling shy, or unsure of myself, the seductive vocals and tantalising electronics always gives me that much needed playful pick-me-up.

We are social creatures and at times enjoy the romantic company of others. We are all beautiful, funny, intelligent and worthy of the sliding scale of love.

My body positivity, mental state, and emotional strength is always at a balance when I listen to this song.

Visualisation: You are laying in the bubbliest of baths. Your skin feels soft, and your thoughts are smooth with delight. The evening sun penetrates through the blinds of the window, filling the air with a dimming glow.

The water is at the perfect temperature for the bath salts to dissolve, creating a delicate tickling sensation that flirts on your skin. You sink deeper into your bubble bath, close your eyes, and take a deep breath in.

You count to three…onetwothree.

You exhale slowly, open your eyes and smile. You feel a warmth rise from your loins. You are ready to play and enchant.

Mister Lies - False Astronomy

Genre: Experimental Ambient

Record Labels: Orchid Tapes, Lefse

Zen Influence: Sleepy

Rationale: After a long day of making and creating my own reality, I love to realign my zen to this simple and spacey piece.

We all need rest. We all need to recharge so that we can wake up the next day full of energy and renewed resolve.

As I close my eyes for the last time today, the velvet vocals carries me to the astral plane where I can dream softly. Come, dream with me.

Visualisation: You can feel your body become heavy in bed. As you drift deeper into your pillow, every ache, every pain begins to melt away. You feel cosy and safe. You allow the kind darkness of night to blanket and comfort you. The quiet lulls you to close your eyes and take a deep breath.

You count to three…onetwothree.

With your eyes still closed, you exhale slowly and smile. You are a ball of light. Beautiful and everlasting. You can feel yourself radiate to every single corner of the place, blessing it with peace as you drift off to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed my zen playlist. Please show your support and give it a ♥️. Looking for more articles about well-being? Check out my article: Impulse Buy Your Way To A Healthier You


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