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Independent R&B Artist Mike Rich Talks About His Passion Performing on Stage

R&B Singer Mike Rich from Clarksville, TN is trying to keep the magic of R&B alive in his upcoming EP

By Veronica Charnell MediaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo Courtesy of Mike Rich

R&B Artist Mike Rich is from Clarksville, Tennessee. He is determined to set apart from other R&B Artists with his refreshing sound that brings back the 90’s R&B vibe with the current sound of Pop Culture. Michael Richardson was exposed to music through his father, Ike Richardson. He was a preacher, singer and major Gospel promoter, working with major artists like Yolanda Adams, Vicky winans and the Bobby Jones from BET. Mike and some of his childhood friends decided to spread their wings and create their own R&B Pop Group called Driven. Shortly after Driven Disbanded to pursue songwriting and producing careers. Mike decided to come from behind the scenes of songwriting though making a name for himself writing for various artists. He decided to step back into the spotlight as a solo artist this time around.

Before the pandemic he was recently on tour with R&B Artist Urban Mystic traveling the country. Releasing his first debut Album called R&B Lovers. He saw immediate success with over 15,000 streams the first week. His album includes songs such as Waterpark, and 24 Hours.

Vocal Readers enjoy the interview….

Monae Management: Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

Mike Rich: Michael Richardson, aka Mike Rich is from a town called Clarksville Tennessee. Just an R&B singer trying to keep the feeling and emotions alive in the art form while staying current with today’s sound.

Monae Management: When did you become interested in singing professionally?

Mike Rich: Well, as far back as I can remember. My dad was a gospel singer and promoter and my brother is a professional drummer and producer. That’s all I knew as a child was music, I traveled the country singing quartet gospel music my whole childhood.

Monae Management: You was a member of a group called, “Driven”. Can you tell us why the group is not active anymore?

Mike Rich: Yes, Driven was such a great experience, in a nutshell we outgrew the pop sound that the group was based around, and decided to pursue things in other areas. We are all still best friends to this day.

Monae Management: Do you feel it is easier to be a Solo Artist versus singing in a group?

Mike Rich: Absolutely not, I think being a solo artist is so much harder! But the upside and the reward is much better in my opinion.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Rich

Monae Management: You used to work as a Producer, why did you decide to work as an artist instead of making a name for yourself as a producer or songwriter?

Mike Rich: Simple, I love the stage, it’s a feeling that I am addicted to, being behind the scenes is cool. But hearing the crowd go crazy for me is a feeling that I will never get over. I still produce and write as well but I’m focused on being the best artist I can be.

Monae Management: What do you love the most about the R&B Genre?

Mike Rich: I love the passion, the feeling you get when you hear that certain song, it makes you want to love, cry, forgive or forget.

Monae Management: What new projects are you working on this year?

Mike Rich: I have a lot in store this year! I’m working on a brand new EP entitled “ ballads of my heart” coming out this spring! We also just kicked off our waterpark challenge to my single! That can be found on my Instagram page @vibezwithrich

Monae Management: Are you planning on performing virtually soon?

Mike Rich: Yes!!I can’t wait to get back on the road! But it looks like the rona isn’t going anywhere. So I’m planning a live virtual concert for my fans this spring! Live band!

I hope everyone enjoyed the interview

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