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Meet Malynda Hale a Singer & Activist Using Her Platforms to Amplify Black Voices

Rising Singer Malynda Hale talks about her Podcast and the Entertainment Business

By Veronica Charnell MediaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo Courtesy of Malynda Hale

I remember the first time I heard Malynda singing someone shared her post on Instagram, and I immediately started following her on Instagram. This is the beauty of social media right. Malynda's new song is called, “Still Standing” and it was released in 2020. This song is so timely after living through all the protests we witness from Politics, and Systematic Racism we pushed through it all. Malynda recently said a profound statement on her Instagram stories. She said this year when we talk about Black History Month, can we talked about what Black People have accomplished rather than talking about all the blood shed and slavery they went through. In other words let’s focus on the positive and not the negative part all the time when referring to Black History overall. Malynda's vocal ability is soulful and inspiring. I can only hope after reading this article you will be inspired to follow Malynda Hale on all social media platforms.

Vocal Readers enjoy the interview

Monae Management: Can you tell everyone a little about yourself?

Malynda Hale: I am a singer, songwriter and activist based in Los Angeles. I like to get involved in a lot of different projects because creating and staying active in that way means a lot to me. I’m really passionate about creating art that inspires and moves people.

Monae Management: When did you start singing?

Malynda Hale: I started singing in church really young and then I got involved in musical theatre and choir at school. So singing and performing have always been a part of my life.

Photo Courtesy of Malynda Hale

Monae Management: What happened in your life that made you decided to pursue a music career professionally?

Malynda Hale: I can’t pin point an exact moment but I know when I was 5 and saw Whitney Houston sing the national Anthem I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I just remember always wanting to sing and perform because it made me happy.

Monae Management: I love your song “Still Standing”, did you write and produce that song?

Malynda Hale: Thank you so much! That song means a lot to me. I did write it and my friend Komica Purnell produced it. She’s very talented.

Listen to Still Standing:

Monae Management: You are the Owner of JMV Entertainment. Could you tell us more about your company?

Malynda Hale:Yes! I started the company a couple years ago in order to give opportunities to my friends and people I believe in. The company provides live music entertainment for a multitude of events and I’m really proud of how it’s grown. We took a major hit because of the pandemic but I’m excited to get going again.

Photo Courtesy of Malynda Hale

Monae Management: You are the Host of #WeNeedtoTalk Podcast, What type content do you feature on your podcast?

Malynda Hale: I focus on a variety of things but the point is to facilitate conversation surrounding topics that people might not feel comfortable talking about or might be controversial or that are just really important. Hence the title of the show, #WeNeedToTalk. I dive deep into things like religion, culture, social justice and politics. The conversations are really really engaging and each guest I have had such a different story and dynamic to bring to the table.

Photo Courtesy of Malynda Hale

Monae Management: What are your 2021 Goals?

Malynda Hale: I just want to continue to grow my projects. I’m really excited about the things I’ve been working on and I think this is a good shift for more.

Monae Management: Once the Pandemic is behind us, can we look forward to seeing Malynda performing live again?

Malynda Hale: I hope so! That is definitely the goal.

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