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by Emmanuella Aryee 9 months ago in bands

Borahae - A BTS love-letter to their precious A.R.M.Y.

Definition of the term 'borahae' (I purple you), used affectionately between members of the BTS fandom, the A.R.M.Y.

Purple - the deep, passionate lovechild between the colours blue and red.

The perfect balance between fire and water, passion and peace, infra-red and ultraviolet, Ying and Yang.

Your colour indicates strongly alkaline, yet is pleasing to the eye and nourishing to the soul.

Purple. Mauve. Lila. Viola. Morado. Nafsji. Zambarau. Murasakino. Roxa. Eleyi ti. Borasaek.

In every language, your name is beautiful.

You clothe Royals in decadence and you exude wealth, power, creativity and devotion.

You add beauty to crystals and precious stones, you decorate produce which nourish our bodies with beauty.

But most importantly, you were chosen as a symbol of mutual love and respect between BTS and A.R.M.Y.

We still remember clearly the day you were introduced to us as a token of the love our precious Bangtan Boys have for us as dedicated members of our fandom family.

It was third annual international BTS fan gathering where you were revealed by our highly spiritual baby - Kim Taehyung, as the international symbol of deep love and mutual admiration strengthening the symbiotic relationship between BTS and their precious fans.

Borahae - A conjunction of the Korean words 'borasaek' (meaning 'purple') and 'saranghae' (meaning 'I love you'); your beautiful hue is now internationally recognised as the colour of love between A.R.M.Y. and BTS.

Your beauty adds depth and meaning to our internationally recognised fandom flag. You decorate our tweets and hashtags with beauty and indicate how strongly we feel about our boys when you are utilised in our unique heart emojis.

You light up famous monuments and landmarks whenever BTS touch down in their city. At deeply intimate and sentimental moments in our fan-meetings and concert gatherings, you shine brightly as the purple ocean surrounding and supporting the members in their endeavours several miles from home.

You are called out as a heart-warming greeting by the young men we love and admire.


Your hue is a constant reminder of how strongly BTS feel about us and encourages us to love and believe in ourselves. You add beauty and incomparable value to BTS merchandise and concert memorabilia.

Purple - you are more than a half-bred, eclectic fusion of the colours red and blue... you convey storge; deep, familial love, respect and humility between the biggest boyband in the World right now and their fandom, in the most beautiful way.

My fellow "Adorable Representative MC of the Youth" - I purple you and am so happy to be doing this journey of life alongside you. As we support our boys let's continue to make this world that little bit more purple in the amazing acts of kindness we continually strive to make, collectively in our fan projects in the name of the members and individually in respective spheres of life.

To the reader who may not yet be acquainted with BTS, I hope you have gained a small glimpse into what being a fan of the Bangtan Boys is like - we are not all screaming, teenage girls... we are of different ages, genders, races, but the colour purple strongly unites our fandom and teaches us treat one another with respect. We may have differing opinions on our favourite songs/choreographies and have heated debates on which 'Cypher' was the best (It's Cypher 4, btw haha). We may have different biases and preferences, however all these differences aside - the colour purple serves as a constant reminder to love ourselves and allows us to freely express how deeply we feel and care about our boys.

Purple is beautiful. Purple is power.

And most importantly,



Emmanuella Aryee

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