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I just heard that Take Off the rapper that was part of the rap trio better known as the "Migo's" was recently gunned down.

My heart, and condolences go out to the fans, and to the Migos themselves. God bless Take Off may his precious beautiful black soul rest in paradise.

By Angelina F. ThomasPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
I just heard that Take Off the rapper that was part of the rap trio better known as the "Migo's" was recently gunned down.
Photo by Fabio Henning on Unsplash

The Migo's lost one of their best rappers yesterday evening, and we'll never be the same. Take Off was gunned down, I hope his friends, and family are okay, and are not dying from mourning.

I am in the state of shock since the moment I read about the deceased, in a minute I will be crying, weeping in silence. I thought Take Off was a cutie, but he died, and lived a legend. Take Off is most definitely a legend now! May he rest in peace. He was only 28 years young. I am unhappy about this cute rappers death.

And what bothers me much much more is I had a premonition three days before Take Off had been gunned down.

Just out of the blue my mind shot out a though, like "damn, I can imagine Take Off being gunned down for no reason other than to steal his chain." without any sort of evidence pointing to it happening, the incident is not anything but an assumption until you see it manifest into a premonition.

Take Off should not be deceased at the age of 28 years young, it is not right.

I saw that the Rapper Take Off was gunned down thru so it is not fake news. After seeing this tragic news last night I thought I may as well write something on my laptop, and post it to the Beat community. I want to inform others that enjoy music sang or rapped by Take Off just like I do about the bad news so they can pray for their peoples, and the Migo's.

The rapper take off was gunned down in a damn bowling alley. But why? What? For his jewelry, and clothing? That damn gun man needs to grow a pair, man the fuck up, and stop taking what the hell does not belong to him! Or it could be a her, and maybe an ex baby ma?

Poor take off I feel for him, that must have been a frightening time to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and I am grateful that I am still breathing however I feel for take off no more fun of any sorts, it is like "Say goodnight, the party is over, forever."

Take Off could not party even if he wanted to now because he is deceased. It makes me very sad to see that Take Off is deceased. I was sort of crushing on dude too. Damn!

I have been grooming a little bit this morning, I plan to scrub the stains out of my carpet, and let it dry, then vacuum my carpet and make it less allergy stricken to my bf when he is here shortly before taking off, I hate it when my bf leaves, it makes me so damn depressed I can cry per time he takes off I swear. I am going to tell my BF about what is up with take off the rapper.

I am going to tell my bf that take off is dead, he may already know though.

I am in my bag won't stop til I reach my comma's goals. So be it Amen, I will make my own comfy cup of wealth, and slow sip/babysit that cup of prosperity + wealth to myself, and get me super strong. I plan to stop living paycheck to fucking paycheck like a broke bitch. I want to be richer than the migos for real for real. Undercover 1%er is how I need to live.

I need wood glue, for my dividers in my dresser. I need comma's, I need to go to the laundry mat where the huge gigantuous washing machines and dryers that I can fit my huge Angel comforter that is damn near all white with designs on it. My white heavy winter blanket needs to be washed, there is no way this heavy thick big blanket will fit in Jim Beam's washer, nor his dryer either.


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Angelina F. Thomas

I am a very beautiful mother of mixed daughters with expensive taste. I hope and pray to my Abba father that my wishful thinking and my ability to dream huge truly pays off. So be it. Amen.

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