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HRDRV: A New Label for the DIY Artists

A New Label by Mickey Shiloh

By CAL.Published 5 years ago 4 min read
Taking Over for the 99s and 2000s LOL

As we now know, we’ve entered a new era for independent artists. An era where you no longer need anyone else but yourself and your creativity.

Not one soul trying to stop you from being you or changing the way you envision your musical endeavors. All you need is your pursuit of musical talents and ambition to fulfill your craft.

Oh and, of course, you will need some technical equipment that would allow you to create your music—in a professional manner, that is. You know—your laptop, speakers, microphone, and passion. If you don't have those items, don't worry, "HRDRV" has you covered. But the actual requirement of a label is no longer a necessity? HRDRV is the exception. I'll tell you why.

A new label with the freedom of a singing bird, meaning... you do as you please, with the only requirement of being passionate and yourself. It's the most artist-friendly label I’ve come across—founded by Mickey Shiloh (CEO) with co-founder Chad Dexter.

Michaela Shiloh (born January 25, 1992), known professionally as Mickey Shiloh, is an American songwriter and recording artist. She was signed as an artist and songwriter to Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins from 2009 until 2011 and has written songs for artists such as Janet Jackson, Pitbull, Britney Spears, Cassie Ventura, Travis Garland, Jake Miller, and Christina Milian.

She has enough experience to show us the way. With her new label comes a new horizon of opportunities for all artists alike.

HRDRV is a label by an artist for an artist. I'm saying, they think how we think. They know the struggles and intentions of goals to reach. How? Because they've been through it as well.

Not your typical label, right? Well, rest assured you're in good hands here. Not only because the label itself is handled delicately by Mickey Shiloh herself, but also all the support you could ever ask for is at arm's reach—well, phone call or email.

They offer everything from distribution to free graphics for your songs and cover art to unlimited song uploads. They offer artist support and promotion. Mixing and mastering services will also be provided with a discount to every artist who signs up. You keep all of your masters and publishing, with 95 percent of your royalties.

Not bad considering you’d be plugged into a community of artists who share the same dreams and goals. Not only do you have these opportunities, but you’d also be signed to a label that is created by a successful recording artist herself.

She's allowing her artists to have the same access she does, which in return can only make you greater. Not like you weren't already, but you know what I mean.

Opportunity is everything in this business, and as important as that is, it is also imperative to align yourself with those who know the business. Those who you can trust, and trust me, there's not too many.

HRDRV is dedicated to the independent artist. Primarily because it is known how other labels don't give the independence and tools an artist would need to strive on their own. Which is guidance and support with access to all the things you would need to get the ball rolling.

With signing up you’d get free email mentorship from industry professionals, discounts on quality productions, mixing, and mastering. You would have your music on all streaming platforms and a variety of beta platforms. You’d also get graphics for your songs and cover art. See below:

  • Free cover art, graphics, and visualizers for your songs and albums.
  • Help designing your merch and setting up your merch store.
  • Access to the best videographers, choreographers, and photographers on the West Coast.
  • Free studio time in Los Angeles.
  • Inclusion and opportunities to perform at all HRDRV sponsored shows and parties in LA, NYC, Miami, and ATL.

So now, as an artist, you can focus on what you do best, which is making great music. HRDRV will take care of the rest. Sounds great to me.

Sometimes as an artist, I get caught up with thinking about the roll out of a new song. Wasting hours and days trying to figure out who can design my cover art. Who will I find to help me make my songs sound its best, so on and so forth. Well, with HRDRV that is no longer a problem.

In addition to these perks, You’d be aligning yourself with one of the most talented recording artists, Forbes writer, and entrepreneur of today who's building up a brand for herself and for others.

Not only thinking of her own artistry, but the demands of every new and upcoming independent artist who needs a little help to get to where their going.

Furthermore, if for any reason you feel you no longer need these great perks and benefits, you can cancel your monthly membership any time. However, yearly membership is committed for one year.

Now that you know the label.

Let's introduce to you the dream team:

  • MICKEY SHILOH [CEO]: @MickeyShiloh
  • Chad dexter [Co-Founder]: @Chad_Dexter


  • Drew Meyer: @drew32m
  • P KALDONE: @pkaldone_mafiasoul
  • Jessica Jolia: @JessicaJolia
  • Dearmonde Shiloh
  • Alex Jimenez: @Rhythmandpolitics
  • Jhny Wzdm: @jhny.wzdm
  • Zachy Morris - @zachyMorris


  • Source: @Source_llg
  • Matt Montanez: @mattmontanez
  • Josh Woods: @Joshwdz
  • Jhny Wzdm: @jhny.wzdm
  • Jeffery Tanner: @Jeffreytannermix
  • Ray Campion: @Ratchampionofficial


  • Josh Del: @Joshdel
  • Herz: @Herz
  • mike quain: @Quainphoto
  • 3rdEyePHocus: @3rdeyephocus


  • EP the Creator: @EPthecreator
  • Samie VFX: @Samievfx
  • Chris Lopez: @caljamonit
  • W_.cked: @W_.ckedvibes
  • Rdiio: @rdiioooooo


  • Morgan McVay: @Glambymorganm
  • Ashli Mercado: @ashli.mercado
  • Bobbie Riley: @Bobbyrileybeauty
  • LC


  • Kofa
  • Samie VFX: @Samievfx


  • WOLFSOUND, Fresno
  • WINTERLAND, Minneapolis

With all of these great talented individuals behind you. You are now in the hands of the future in music. Every single person on this roster is inspired and dedicated to you. The striving, brave, creative independent artist. It is now up to you to make great music. So be yourself, be creative, and most importantly, be fearlessly.

Welcome to HRDRV.

If you're interested in joining, I have a discount below.

My code is "lpzchris." Use that when you sign up on for HRDRV and you will receive a seven percent discount on a monthly or yearly membership.

Work hard, stay inspired, and keep ya career growing!

Clear you hard drive.


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