How to Make a Juice WRLD / Wavy Trap Type Beat on iPhone Part 1

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Garageband iOS Tutorial

Welcome to Part 1 of "How to make a Juice WRLD (Rest in Peace) / Wavy Trap Type Beat using ONLY your iPhone. If you own an iPhone then you may or may not be familiar with the app called "Garageband" (Apple Only).

It's a powerful FREE software that allows you to make music instantly using only your phone. Android users don't worry I will have exclusive contents for you guys in the future as well.

The days of spending thousands of dollars on gears and studio time is over. People don' t realize they already have a powerful studio gear in their pocket. Now there are some limitations however it has enough features packed in to help you create your first music, follow along with the tutorial and see what is possible only using your iPhone.

1. Create a 8 Bar Melody Loop

Some people like to start their beat by creating a drum pattern, I like to personally start off by creating a melody loop using "Alchemy Synth" Plug-in on the GarageBand iOS

When you first open GarageBand, under the keyboard section you should see "Alchemy Synth" listed down below.

2. Lay your Main Drum Pattern

After you have the main melody, let's start by laying down the claps, Hi- Hats and Percussion in that order to create the main groove of the track. We will build more upon this beat as we progress throughout the instrumental.

When it comes to using drum samples, having high quality drum sample is a must!

If you need high quality drum samples to use on your iPhone FOR FREE check out my free "Casper Lite" Drum Kit on t

his is the exact same kit I use to make all my tutorials on so if you want to follow this tutorial step by step, make sure to download and install the kit.

3. Add Bass / 808 Pattern

Can't make a trap beat these days without a hard hitting 808 pattern. For this tutorial we are going to use "Sampler" and load a 808 sample to create our 808 pattern.

There are many different ways to approach bass and 808s but typically the most common way is to resample one shot 808 into the sampler. Watch the video and follow along with me to see how I created a modern, hard hitting, 808 pattern.

4. Add more Percussion to the Groove

To spice up the current beat pattern we have to add that extra "SAUCE". I like to use this plug-in called "Smart Drummer". Tt's essentially a groove / percussion loop generator that I use quite often to help me make beats on my iPhone.

Adding extra layers to your main beat is crucial to not only getting a hard hitting beat but to also adds extra swing/tempo to make the groove sound more "interesting"

Follow along with me and watch the video to see exactly how I used this feature to make my beat even better.

That is it for today's tutorial, in Part 2 I will be showing you how to take this 8 bar loop and turn it into a full instrumental track. STAY TUNED!

Let me know down in the comment or feel free to directly message me on Instagram if you have any specific topics/tutorials you want to learn about and also do not hesitate to contact me on email at [email protected]

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Join me and let's make some magic happen in 2020.

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