How to Make a Juice WRLD on iPhone Part 2

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Create a "Wavy Trap" Type Beat

LARI the ghost here back again with Part 2 on how to make a "Juice Wrld" Type Beat on iPhone GarageBand iOS APP. On our last tutorial, I showed you how to create an 8 bar loop from scratch. In today's tutorial I will be showing you how to take that 8 bar loop and arrange it into a full track instrumental.

If you haven't checked out my last tutorial already, make sure to check it out HERE before moving to Part 2.

1. Increase the "Section Length" to 80

Watch the video as I arrange an 8 bar loop to a full instrumental. I start off by expanding the section length to 80 and then I copy and paste the elements that we made from our last video and turn it into a full beat. Arrangement is all about taking what you already have and spreading them out by removing and adding certain elements. I look at it kind of like you're playing a jig saw puzzle and the elements you created are the puzzle pieces and its your job to figure out how they all fit into the overall big picture.

2. Addition by Subtraction

Typically when I create a trap / hip hop instrumental, the first 8 bars of the loop is the Intro and I typically like to keep my Intro pretty simple. Most of the times I only have the melodic element of the composition playing for the first 8 bar loops and then I will include the main drum patterns in the next 16 bars and then I will add extra layers of percussion / synth on the next 16 bars after that.

That will give you a 40 bar of loop in total and you can copy and paste the 40 bar loop and create a full instrumental arrangement by having 80 bars total. You can follow along with me in the video to see exactly how I accomplish this step by step.

3. Adding the Last Final Touches

As you can see in the video, I add an extra bass track in the bridge (right after chorus) to help build up anticipation for the next verse. Now if you have been producing music for awhile then you will know sometimes a big portion of your time is spent on trying to find the right sound to help you finish the track.

Watch the video as I go through the process of trying to find the right sound that will fit this track. I also dive in some of the features of Alchemy Synth, which is a powerful synth plug-in that is native to the GarageBand iOS app. I highly recommend you spend some time going through every individual sounds and tweaking around with the settings to get yourself familiar with the sounds that GarageBand has provided for you to use.

And I gotta say, I am quite impressed with the quality of the sound. I also spend tremendous amounts of time producing music on my computer and I gotta say I am very impressed with Apple. I hear no difference between the "quality" of the sound from the stock sounds I am using on the app and what I normally use on my computer studio setup.

Not only that, Apple updates its sound library regularly to keep things fresh and the best part is they are FREE! Check out Alchemy Synth and definitely take advantage of all the free preset packs that you can take advantage of.

That's it for today's tutorial. Part 3 I will be showing you guys how to mix your beat and as well as show you guys some cool "FX" features that you can use to help you really spice up your beat and take it to the next level.

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