How To Know What Instrument You Should Start Playing

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Playing an instrument is good for you as a human being!

How To Know What Instrument You Should Start Playing
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Playing the violin has always been part of my life. I love it the first moment I heard my sister practicing this instrument every day of her life. I wanted that too. So, I asked - no, actually I begged - my parents to start playing the violin instead of playing the cello. I loved playing the cello, but I didn't like to practice for that instrument. It was too big for me, I guess.

Finally, I got that instrument, the violin. I started to play the violin. I started playing the violin with a teacher at a local music school. He was nice, very nice, and not too strict for me as I wanted to be a professional violinist. I needed a teacher who was very strict for me. Anyhow, I knew from the moment I saw my sister practicing that I also wanted to play the violin.

How do you know what instrument you truly want to play

There are a few things that might help you to know what instrument you want to play. These are very important to know. I knew exactly the moment I heard my sister practicing. But sometimes you don't know what instrument you want to play.

There are different ways how you want to know if playing an instrument, and most important which instrument fits you best, is perfect for you:

  • Local music school
  • Read information
  • Ask question to other students
  • Go to concerts

Local music school

I went to the local music school when they have a music day to play on each instrument. I also asked these teachers a lot of questions about the instrument: how do I have to practice? Ho long do I need to practice before playing a real music piece? How do I need to take care of the instrument? And many other questions I wanted to know before I decided which instrument fits me best.

Read information

Read books, articles and all other information about different instruments as much as possible before to decide which instrument you want to learn to play. Also, these information may help you get through the process of knowing which instrument you want to play and which instrument you truly love.

Ask question to other students

Another thing that is good for you before deciding which instrument you want to play, is asking a few other students about the instrument they are playing: how do they practice for lessons? When did they start playing the instrument? What are the pros and cons? What pieces do they play at the moment? Do they want to be a professional? Where do they have lessons? What is the future of the instrument? Do they play in an orchestra with this instrument? And if the answer is yes, how do they think of playing together? Are there days they don't practice? If yes, what are the reasons?

Go to concerts

Go to a (classical) music concert with your friends, family and your children, maybe a colleague. You will have an idea about the instrument: how does the instrument looks like? How does the instrument sounds like played by professionals? Afterwards, go to the instrumentalists and ask them questions what you want to know. It could be the same questions you asked the students. Everyone in your environment needs to understand the effort of taking up an instrument. So, tell them about it. When you decided to play that instrument, invite everybody you love to go to the concert with all the students from your teacher.

I always loved to play the violin, and I still love to play the violin. I hope to play as long as possible. I always have played the violin in orchestras. I love playing together. It is fun and enjoyable.

Agnes Laurens
Agnes Laurens
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