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How Lisa Became The Biggest Female K-Pop Idol

Lisa The Superstar

By ShinxPublished about a year ago 6 min read

Lalisa Manoban. Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, and Vocalist of the supergroup Blackpink under YG. Lisa has almost 40 million followers on Instagram, making her the most followed Kpop idol, and has fancams that accumulated to 100 million views together. Lisa is also a global ambassador for top brands such as Celine and BVLGARI. She is a superstar that shines brighter than the sun, but how did Lisa become one of the biggest female idols? Why did Lisa become an international icon? Well, today we shall investigate and see how Lisa became the biggest female idol.

YG/First Thai Idol:

Let’s start with one of the more obvious reasons, she debuted under YG. YG is part of the big three and had other iconic groups such as Big Bang and 2NE1. Unfortunately, 2NE1 was put on halt because...well because YG hates women. So when 2NE1 was put on a pause, YG started cooking up a new girl: Blackpink.

Blackpink debuted on August 8th of 2016 with Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. They dropped two songs, Boombayah and Whistle, with each of them having their own music video. Blackpink was an immediate success and even got their first-ever music show win during debut with Whistle. They were already blowing up, and especially Lisa.

Lisa caught people’s attention with her rapping and dance skills, and if you know YG, YG rappers get more of the attention and push because of their charm and coolness. Lisa also was gaining fast rapidly because she was the first-ever nonkorean idol from YG. Lisa is Thai and Thai fans are quite loyal, so having Lisa being the first Thai idol from YG gave her a massive boost in fans and popularity.

The Blonde Girl:

Even before debut, Lisa was getting attention from a dance practice that was released. In the video, Blackpink is doing an intense choreography to a remix of the song “Bitch Better Have My Money”. When that video was posted, it went viral in minutes and the comments all looked familiar, asking about the Blonde Girl.

The Blonde Girl did an amazing jog. Her dancing was excellent and made her stand out, and also being the only one without dark hair made her stand out even more. Eyes were glued to her, and that Blonde Girl was Lisa.

In that video, Lisa went viral for her dancing and shocked the internet with her power, making people realize the superstar she is.

All Rounder:

Speaking of Lisa dancing, she is currently one of the best female dancers in Kpop along with Momo from Twice and Chungha. She is the main dancer because she lives and breathes dance. From all her performance to her Lili films of her dancing, she has always shined in dancing and memorized people on stage.

Besides dancing, she is also an excellent rapper. Although her position is the Lead Rapper of the group, she has been pushed by YG to do more of the rapping. Ever since Playing With Fire, fans can clearly see that Lisa is being treated as the Main Rapper. Although as a blink myself, I love Jennie rapping and want her to rap more, Lisa is also Main Rapper material and honestly I prefer Lisa rapping more. Lisa has such charm and sounds so powerful when she raps, so it’s no wonder why YG would give her more rapping parts. It would be great to have Jennie rap again, but Lisa also deserves those rap lines because shes on fire.

Then when it comes to singing, she’s also really good. Although she doesn’t get many vocal lines, when Lisa sings she shines. Lisa’s voice is so sweet and calming and sounds beautiful in songs such as Hope Not and Whistle. Her vocals are underrated and deserve more love.

Overall, Lisa doesn’t lack in any department, and she is a true all-rounder, making more people flock to her talents and performance.


Her talents are unmatched, and so is her beauty. Lisa is a stunner and can pull off any look. That’s why she’s an ambassador because she can make a garbage bag look like a runway dress. Plus with beauty, more people pay attention to her. Although we shouldn’t be influenced by how someone looks, visuals play a massive part in Kpop and the prettier you are the more fans you’ll attract. With Lisa being in the top five of TCCAsia’s Most Beautiful Faces in 2019, she has attracted hundreds with her beauty.


Lisa is a language genius. She can speak 5 languages: Thai, Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. Being able to speak so many languages makes it easier to connect with different fans from around the world. Being well versed in 5 languages makes her more reachable and fans can interact with her more, making her even more attractive across the world.

Fans and Self-Insertion:

Although Lisa is popular for many extraordinary things she has achieved, we also have to look at the dark side when it comes to fans. One of the dark sides that plays a big role into Lisa popularity is self-insertion.

Fans love to have a celebrity they can pretend is their lover or actually acts like them. Such as in One Direction career where fans wrote fanfics and had fantasies of dating the boys. Then fans also want to feel close to their idols, making them go to extremes such as trying to look like them, such as Oli London who tries to look like Jimin from BTS. Fans want to be close to their idols and many want to be them, and many fans want to live through Lisa.

Lisa is the perfect idol to play through a fantasy. Lisa came from Thailand and made it into the big three, and became a beauty icon and an idol known to do it all, from rapping to dancing to singing. Many fans try to self-insert themselves into Lisa, seeing that they can become her and even try to look like her. Many K-pop idols deal with fans that want to self-insert, and Lisa is one of the biggest targets of it.

Personality and Dedication:

Despite the negative, and among all the positive reasons why Lisa is a superstar, we can’t ignore the biggest reason: her personality and dedication.

Lisa has always been known for her positivity and bubbly personality. Although Blinks love her fierceness on stage, its the bubbly and funny girl off stage that wins people’s hearts. Shes energetic and always so smiley, you can’t help but not fall in love with her.

Then her dedication to being an idol and giving back to her fans makes her even shine more.

She went from a young girl in Thailand with dreams to being a Kpop Idol, and became an Idol millions of people look up to. She always does her best whether it comes to a performance or making gifts for blinks. She has expressed hundreds of times how much she loves blinks and she has always gave it 110% for them.

It’s no wonder why Lisa is one of the biggest female Kpop idols, and I have no doubt that she will become bigger and brighter in the future.

If you made it through this article, thank you!

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