Here Are 13 Specific *Mood* Playlists You Didn't Know You Needed

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To Ease and Amplify Whatever It Is You're Feeling

Here Are 13 Specific *Mood* Playlists You Didn't Know You Needed

The best thing about music is that it can be for any feeling, frame of mind, or spirit. If you're not feeling great, you can either decide to sink further into the despair, or turn that feeling around and rise above the way you feel. It's like magic in the way it changes you.

But there are certain times when you are feeling... something, and you're not quite sure what it is. Well, these are the playlists for you, designed specifically to feed those needs when you're not entirely certain what those needs are.

These are the moods you didn't even know you had.

1. The rain is beating against your window and you feel a sort of mood but don't know what.

This playlist is perfect for moments where you don't truly know what's going on. You might be lonely, you might be confused, you might just want to close your eyes and go to a new world. You're chill, but you might not be in the happiest place, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're in a bad place either. You're simply nowhere, and you can stay there when you listen to these tracks.

2. GURL, it's time to get pumped up just before your night out.

This playlist is perfect for getting ready or hanging with your gal pals. Scream the tunes, boogie to the beat, and get yourself in the mood to have the best night of your life. Every once in a while you need those cheesy tunes to truly bask in the pleasure of being a female. We all do it: let's rejoice.

3. Grab some wine and ice-cream: You're feeling sad and you want to wallow in self-pity.

This playlist is perfect for those imperfect moments. You're sad, and that's okay. It sometimes takes time to feel okay again, so if you want to bathe in a pool of your own tears, this playlist will definitely help. You might even turn that pool into an ocean whilst doing so.

4. You need to lift yourself back up. Here are some cheer you up songs

This playlist is perfect for that crucial moment when you finally get a grip and say "SCREW IT!" You've been in a bad place but you're not going to let it define you, ruin or life, or change your day. Play this and get your life back on track and enjoy yourself whilst doing so.

5. Something so great has happened that it's the end of your movie and the credits are rolling.

You know when everything comes together and you get that feeling of euphoria? This playlist is perfect for those momentous moments in life. Whether you've just got a promotion, kissed that person you've been crushing on for ages, or simply got out of bed, play this playlist and live that moment like you're the star of a movie. You deserve it.

6. You Know, a Playlist for *That* Mood

This playlist is perfect for that exciting build up to when you know you're about to be up to no good. Chuck this on, have no regrets, and enjoy yourself. Be naughty.

7. Same as the Last One but You Actually Love the Person, LOL

This playlist is perfect for those nights where you feel the love. You're with the person you love, and there's that lovely anticipation in the air. Dwell on it, folks.

8. The chill is within you.

This playlist is perfect for that feeling when you're at utter peace. You're calm, collected, and nothing is better than just lying back, closing your eyes, and listening. This is for you.

9. You know what, I have wanderlust. Let's just jump in a car and go anywhere.

This playlist is perfect for the ones who can't keep still, who can't go a couple of months without exploring. Whether it be a road trip 20 miles from where you live, or going halfway around the globe; this is for those of you who are truly a nomad at heart.

10. Songs I can't relate to but hit me right in the feels anyway.

This playlist is perfect for... a situation you cannot really describe, but think of it this way: You know when you listen to a certain track and you just get it, even if you can't truly connect with it? Those songs are just that: truly emotional, truly epic, but just that little bit separated that we can't relate just right now.

11. Songs that make you think you're a professional dancer even though you're far from it.

This playlist is perfect for those of us who don't take ourselves too seriously. You might be in your house alone or you might be on the dancefloor with a thousand strangers, but whenever these jams beat their way into your brain, you can't help but shake what you got. And in your head... damn, you look FINE doing it.

12. Songs you can scream to when you're angry at that guy you'll 100 percent go back to.

This playlist is perfect for when you're so frustrated you want to shake something... ANYTHING. But physical anger is never a good idea, so take the time to belt out these tunes and make your throat raw and rip apart to these songs to take out your anger. Trust me, screaming works.

13. You done with winter? Me too. Let's close our eyes and pretend it's summertime in our minds.

This playlist is perfect for those of us who thrive in the hotter seasons, for those who feel happy when drops of sunlight hit their skin, and truly shine in the summertime. Even if the weather is drab, a little listen to this playlist can take you anywhere where you feel that tropical happiness.

Leah Phillips
Leah Phillips
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