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Halloween Playlist

by Brandon Constantine 8 months ago in playlist
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I went a different way on creating this playlist. more of life terrors and scares, and some of the artists that have Halloween type names. this playlist this is primarily about the life horrors that we deal with the people we encounter, through the world, and through ourselves.

When you been to hell and back the world becomes transparent. Looking up from what you thought was beneath the world’s foundation,you realize you’ve just dug yourself deeper into the earth. Hell is just the world with a more predominant darkness. light on earth is a deception of gray.just a lighter version of darkness. You’ll either say “fuck it . what’s the point it’s all shit.” And choose to live in a deeper state of darkness. Or say “fuck this. I’m going to make hell my interpretation heaven.” The anger that brought you into the darkness is what’s going to get you out into the gray. Anger is invincible if your actions aren’t equivalent to the stereotypical production exposed by majority. You channel it and know that you can control it and it doesn’t control you. Dreams become reality and you become true light. Allowing the world to have another day of deception.

You fight for the ones that are too scared to be able to handle the truth of the world. Living your dream that’s how you bring joy on earth. In the process, some spectators might perceive your actions as selfishness. When realistically everything you do, You’re on the most selfless path available to go down. Your silence it’s taken for granted from the minds that you quietly fight for. In just take pride and find joy Through all the backlash and negativity. True bravery and success needs no audience to applaud them. After facing and defeating the demons that wanted to drag you back to prevent you from reaching their top, Is the standing ovation you hear through every breath and every blink of your eye. The only one worthy enough to care about their approval is the one that is reflected through when looking in a mirror.

The Journey to find our Path to Purpose, truly begins when we realize we are lost. know life is a journey that bestows obstacles that sometimes disrupts our chosen destinations. a life without challenges is a life not being lived correctly. visualize your goal at its end, you’ve reached success. but try not to designate a “written in stone” in between. that way all the disruptions can be viewed as just part of the journey.

The fear of failing blocks my vision of success.Good graces my eyes with its vision and without hesitation evil denies its kryptonite. The darkness of fear then veils itself over the brightness of my success to provoke the provision of its own fear. Being provided just the vision of success and not the process behind it, unfortunately, fear overpowers the unknown and blocks the success that leads me to my chosen path. I'm Oblivious to the fact that my decision by not accepting success, denies the good and the light to my enlightenment is now nonexistent. Darkness surrounds my being. My path is no longer a road. A spiral staircase is the replacement to guide my downward spiral of life. Deviously knowing every negative act moves me one step closer to the owner of the eyes directing my vision of hate.

We all encounter a point in our lives were we are at the boarder line of reaching adulthood. It's not when we reach that curtain age where everyone says you're an adult, but the situation where we are stuck and for the first time in the deepest and darkest setting we create in our minds. We no longer know how to think for ourselves. Everything in your life up till this point is in question. What you thought your meaning in life was no longer exists in your head.


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Brandon Constantine

i started writing consistently 10 years ago. the majority of my content are all my journal entries. many perspectives. I do want to apologize ahead of time for my grammatical & punctuation errors ha I kind of have my own style of writing.

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