Give Me the Feels: Mumford & Sons

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Deep cutting Mumford & Sons songs just to enhance those sad, sad feels.

Give Me the Feels: Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons have been in my life for quite some time, and just like any artist, they have their fair share of deep cuts that just really give you the feelies. Love is something that makes you feel--especially the really melancholic, yearnful, depressing love songs that really rip your heart in half through the headphones. If you really want to feel the pain, here are 10 songs that will get you there...get your ice cream ready.

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10. 'Holland Road' - Babel

Starting this list is more of a reminiscent song that would be a "I am drunk and thinking about love" song. This is the one you see the drunkard on sitting on the bar with their beer and screaming these lyrics. Use this accordingly.

This song talks about love being thrown, but often being cut down again and again. Though it keeps happening, there is hope for mutual beliefs for love. They hope and hope for them to come back to it, offering "if you believe in me, I'll still believe."

We want our love to prosper and continue, but it works mutually with the other--how can you keep believing a relationship will go on as the other is checked out? Hope goes a long way, and this thought-provoking song tells us that tale.

9. 'I Gave You All' - Sigh No More

Another one of the "this is my drunk sad" songs, "I Gave You All" is the jam that puts you into the first steps of the breakup, especially the one made of anger.

You gave them everything. You gave them your life, your soul, your love. You fought, but they needed to win. They needed to hear that they won--and you lay in pieces.

Now, I want to mention that this is one of those "I am going to be scream/cry to this" type of songs. It isn't exactly the "I am going to cry in my bed" songs. This is the blood-boiling song that needs to be somewhere in your sad feels playlist. Get a little angry--heartbreak f**king sucks.

8. 'Wilder Mind' - Wilder Mind

Sometimes to get out of a bad situation, you just have to leave your brain wander. Here is that anthem.

Though the partner may scream and scream at you, and you just take it. Your mind goes elsewhere to a place where it is okay, and you put a white veil over the situation blinded by love.

In a final thought, they leave you with "I thought we believed in an endless love." An experience like love is something that seems eternal, and like it is never going to end when it is full swing, but sometimes it does come to that close. Someone is always left in shock, especially when they made the promises leading to a happy and healthy life together.

7. 'Broad-Shouldered Beasts' - Wilder Mind

We are a story-telling species, and this song plays the narrative of a romance, and the chorus takes us into the arguments...which leaves our protagonist allowing their partner to give blame and have the anger taken on them. The partner is hypocritical on the protagonist, accusing the latter of being the issue in the relationship, yet the partner is the one who is fuming in the conflict--sound relatable? Well it's alright, "take it out on me."

6. 'Tompkins Square Park' - Wilder Mind

Get ready to question if your flame has gone out.

A little more electronic than the norm from M&S, "Tompkins Square Park" leads you through a song about the longevity of relationships, with the lyrics "no flame lasts forever/ you and I both know this all too well." There are some that are long relationships that have high emotions invested into the connection, and some that don't even last the entire night. Either way, the protagonist is yearning to meet again, even through the lies, doubt, and arguments that are accompanied by continued relationships.

5. 'After the Storm' - Sigh No More

There is a recurring element of the troubles in a relationship, but there is always more to come after the storm, which may just be happiness.

This song focuses on the better part that comes after the worst. We hold on for these moments when things are coming to a peak. We want to go back to normalcy, where there is love and tender embraces, not the darkness that clouds everything. There is hope, though, that there will be a successful resolution and everything will be rainbows and unicorns.

That being said, they do mention a part where they say "get over your hill and you'll see", where it echoes a call to remind that it is a two-way street. For one to want to get over it, there has to be equal desire to get there. The world cannot come to love when one is dragging their feet in the darkness.

4. 'Monster' - Wilder Mind

Think back to a relationship that really makes you fall out of yourself. You're a little empty, but you're still there in full. It sounds like an oxymoron, but it is quite relatable, isn't it?

This song plays on the looking back on a relationship, and bringing back a little of those feelings in reminiscence. There is slight aggression, "so f**k your dreams", which is completely realistic. It hurt--and we know that to be true. They did you wrong. You don't need to feel bad for them. You don't have to wish them well yet, so you last in those hurt feelings.

Curse the beauty, curse the queen.

3. 'Where Are You Now' - Babel (Deluxe Version)

Relationships may be long over, but we often find ourselves coming back to them again and again. What did we do wrong? Why did it end? What would I have done differently?

If you find yourself in that position, give this one a try. "Where Are You Now" is a little reminiscent song that sounds exactly like its title: where is the one that you lost. Are they thinking of you just like you are now?

This song adds a different vocal twist in the chorus that offers a soothing way into your heart and mind, just for you to think about it all over again and again; are you thinking of me?

2. 'Cold Arms' - Wilder Mind

Slow longs are an easy way to wiggle into your emotions, especially with the slowest and gravitating of guitar strums.

Just recovering from an argument of some sort--possibly the final--there is that limbo state where the two are left ot think of their relationship. Our protagonist is left in anguish thinking of where their partner is, and what is going on their mind, though everything running through their head was all in fault of our protagonist. Though they want to take it away, the protagonist knows that if they took it away, they would be nowhere again. That being said, the protagonist recognizes how detrimental they are to the relationship, offering themselves as having "cold arms" that keeps the fear beating in the partner, yet the partner stays.

Talk about sticking it through. Yikes.

1. 'Only Love' - Wilder Mind

This song--playing on the fairytales that take over the human narrative--realizes all of the false hope that we were told this entire lifetime: "didn't they say that only love would win in the end?" I have found myself listening to this in the shower, water hitting me right in the face, left with all of my thoughts. Listen to it there. Listen to it when you're holding the glass of wine on the couch, lost in thought. Listen to it when you're journaling. It will bring you right on back to the deepest and most hurtful part of a falling relationship: questioning it. It fell apart, and you're left in the rubble, but "didn't they say that love would win in the end?"

They were wrong.

If you like what they've got thus far, go check out their full albums. They also recently released an EP, Johannesburg, that follows their trip to Africa and gathers some of their musical culture into their alternative style. Thanks for reminding us how to feel, M&S.

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