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Friday's Five at 5 | Volume Twelve

Fresh new hits for a fun weekend.

By Talya JacobsonPublished 4 years ago 6 min read
Power Trio Marty (Collage Art: Talya Jacobson | Photo: The Band Marty)

Hey friends and music lovers! Welcome to Friday's Five at 5 Volume Twelve!

Thank you to everyone who sent in music to be featured this week, this series IS all about what you guys enjoy.

Remember, you can still go into the draw to win an AWESOME Friday's Five at 5 prize pack! All you have to do is fill in a quick survey—link is at the bottom of the story; read it first!

If you would like to get involved by sending in artists you love or even be featured yourself, don't hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram or Twitter.

Also, don't forget about Friday's Five at 5's Spotify playlist! It's so important that you guys have access to the music you read about on here, so here it is in one easy click!

Have a great weekend and enjoy Volume Twelve of Friday's Five at 5.

1. "Nice" | Ritzz ft. Townes

Sydney-Based Producer Ritzz (Photo: @ritzzmusic)

Surprise, surprise, we have another banger of a track from the super-duper talented Ritzz. And this has got to be one of my favourites so far.

"Nice" was released TODAY and features the ever-so wonderful Townes (Lily D'Adam) on vocals, reminding listeners of their new collaborative project Garden Gnomes. Although this isn't an official *Garden Gnomes release, it's still bloody good.

In under three minutes, Lily and Ritzz take you on a journey through a fluttery dream world. One of Ritzz's favourite things about producing electronic music is that he can create sounds that no one has ever heard before, and this is exactly how I feel about the song's chorus.

"Nice is about those relationships where you are completely infatuated with someone for a short period of time and you know it’s not going to last but you just want it to feel like love."

It's bouncy, it's boppy and it will make you want to dance. Perfect song for a road trip with the windows down or for a party with your mates.

These two truly are unstoppable. 10/10 once again, amazing work!

"Nice" is out NOW on Triple J Unearthed as well as Spotify and all major streaming services.

Listen to "Nice" below!

2. "Hazy" | Yuto ft. SODA

Melbourne-Based Duo Yuto (Photo: Yuto Sound)

Coben and Daylan McDonald, better known as Yuto, are an Indie Electronic music duo based in Melbourne, Australia, and have just released their latest single, "Hazy."

The song features Sydney artist SODA whose vocals truly create a unique vibe and leave you wanting more. It is groovy yet soulful, with beautiful harmonic melodies and a beat that you won't be able to sit still to.

SODA himself has featured on numerous tracks this year alone and released some of his own including "Guac," "The Morning After," and "Tired"; check him out on Spotify here!

As the sixth track the brothers have released on Spotify, there is no sign that they are slowing down with an EP in discussion.

"Our goal is to have a positive impact on people through music, and continually step outside our comfort zone for our music."

This track will make you feel hazy, yet ready to get up and have a boogie.

Check out Yuto now!

3. "Running" | The Vinyl Press

Alt-Indie-Rock Sydney Band The Vinyl Press (Photo: The Vinyl Press)

This four piece band from Sydney have been making their way around the Aussie music scene with their Indie-Rock sound.

Jake, Isaac, Dom and Cooper really are showing Sydney's pub scene the real meaning of Indie-Rock music, and have a new song to prove it!

Following their debut single "Outside," released earlier this year, the boys are getting ready to release their newest track, "Running." But, lucky for us, Triple J Unearthed has it first and we are able to enjoy it.

The track reminds me of a rockier version of an Ocean Alley song with psychic guitar riffs and mellow songs, yet encompasses the grungy vocals of Ball Park Music. A high energy tune, it explores the rise and fall of intimacy and the overall universal experience of connecting with someone on a deeper level.

"The Vinyl Press is a project dedicated to the concept of being young in the modern day haze, and stepping on a mates shoes in the mosh and just hugging it out anyway because it was an accident and it didn't even hurt that much."

These guys are the epitome of young Aussie blokes just having a fun time with their instruments, and we at Friday's Five at 5 reckon they'd be a joy to watch, and luckily for us we get to see them VERY soon!

The boys will be taking their new release on tour starting out in Sydney and heading down to Newcastle, Camden and Wollongong throughout November. Catch them if you can!

Make your way down to the "Running" Launch Party at The Lord Gladstone on October 25; it's sure to be a banger of a night out.

Check out "Running" on Triple J Unearthed now!

4. "Never Too Late" | Marty

Nottingham Trio Marty (Photo: @thebandmarty)

Marty is back again, featuring in Friday's Five at 5 for a second time after the release of their debut self-titled EP. After including "Worst Case Scenario" in Volume Ten, I went and listened to the EP which was released a week later, and all I can say is wow.

Track four of the Marty EP, "Never Too Late" has proved to be popular with listeners and radio stations alike. The track was featured as BBC Radio Nottingham's Track of the Week last week and was played every night of the week! (An initiative that I can get behind; kudos to BBC Radio Nottingham for doing this!)

The song is a powerful pop anthem which is sure to encourage you to "aim for the sky!" It is one of my personal favourites on the EP, which features alongside previous releases "Worst Case Scenario" and "Fame."

"Never Too Late is our favourite as it’s our favourite to play live!! It’s super fun and energetic and the message is meant to lift people up."

Marty will be hitting up Nottingham's Rescue Rooms for their first Acoustic Rooms performance, so head down if you're in the area!

Looking forward to seeing what comes next for this incredible trio.

Check out Marty and their EP now!

5. "Time Has Come" | Wildwood Kin

UK Indie Folk Trio Wildwood Kin (Photo: Wildwood Kin)

Another group returning to Friday's Five at 5 this week is the incredibly talented Wildwood Kin, whose new album was released TODAY! (Keep an eye out for an album review!)

The release of this single has made me want to jump up and down with excitement, and when you press the play button to start the song you'll be feeling the same way.

"Time Has Come" continues to draw in listeners with perfect harmonies and captivating folk sounds; a small glimpse into what their album will do. Seriously, the song is vocally flawless.

With their new look dressed in fiery red, the time has come for the release of what we at Friday's Five at 5 believe will be the album of the year.

A million times yes. Thank you girls, and thank you to Friday's Five at 5 reader Tom for introducing me to their music. Forever grateful.

Head over to Wildwood Kin's socials NOW to listen to their new album.

That's all from me, I hope you've enjoyed this week's Friday's Five at 5! PLEASE read and share to your hearts content as it helps me a LOT, and more importantly LISTEN TO THE ARTISTS! 

A little reminder; I have some goodies to give away! All the art on my blogs are unique pieces of work and one lucky person will get a pack of their favourites, PLUS A CUSTOM PIECE!

Click here to enter!

Here are this week's five once again:

1. "Nice" by Ritzz ft. Townes | @ritzzmusic / @towneslunar

2. "Hazy" by Yuto ft. SODA | @yutosound / @boy_soda_

3. "Running" by The Vinyl Press | @thevinylpress

4. "Never Too Late" by Marty | @thebandmarty

5. "Time Has Come" by Wildwood Kin| @wildwoodkin

Take a look, see who tickles your fancy and show your support for them. 

Remember to listen to all the songs featured on Friday's Five at 5's Spotify playlist!

See you next week!

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