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Female Rappers to Tune into for 2019

These artists used 2018 to announce themselves, and are looking to build off that success.

By William RicksPublished 5 years ago 6 min read
These female rappers are looking to take the game by storm in 2019. (Photos from Evening Standard, High Snobiety, DJBooth, and Twitter OSHUN)

2018 was a great year for music overall, particularly the hip-hop genre. With many memorable albums dropped last year, many have noticed the emergence of females in the rap game. Most of the attention was geared towards Cardi B and her explosive arrival, but there were many other female artists who made their own statements themselves. They might've flown under many people's radar, but that's what I'm here for. With 2019 shaping up to be another awesome for hip-hop, here are some female rappers you guys should look out for in 2019.


"Room 25, the best that's comin' out" Noname raps confidently on her song "Ace." Her real name being Fatimah Warner, Noname isn't a stranger to the rap game. She has been featured on songs with Chance the Rapper, Kirk Knight, and couple other notable names. Her mixtape Telefone (2016)was the first taste of what people could expect from the Chicago native. After a two-year wait, due to her being an independent artist, she dropped her debut album Room 25 in September 2018, and it was arguably one of the best projects dropped that year.

Her "lullaby rap" style is something that will be pleasing to listeners who like powerful, witty lyrics coming from a soft voice. Her voice flows effortlessly over mellow instrumentals, sometimes being louder than her. Noname raps about the plight of black people in America, politics, self-identity, love, and even her own personal life and struggles, which is more prevalent in Room 25. She has even rapped about sex, something that was absent in Telefone. Noname doesn't always rap, as one of my favorite songs by her "Don't Forget About Me" has her singing throughout the chorus. She references Christianity throughout her music, but she said herself that she isn't the most spiritual person.

One thing that separates Noname from the rest of the pack is the way she delivers her bars. Almost in the form of spoken word, her delivery is precise and always has a clear message in her songs. Her rhyme pattern doesn't always go with the beat, but it still sounds cohesive with the sounds on the song. Being an independent artist, she was able to take her time creating Room 25 and it showed, as it was well put together with every song, lyric, and sound being thoughtfully put together.

She released "Song 31" in 2019, and it seems like she is looking to build off the success Room 25 gave her in her life. Somewhat shy, but with a powerful message, if you like calming sound with powerful poetry, Noname should be an artist you should take a listen to.

Favorite Songs:

  • "Don't Forget About Me"
  • "Ace"
  • "Self"

Noname's Room 25 is personal, dark, witty, and powerful—and that's what makes it great. (Photo via Brooklyn Vegan)


Oshun is the young hip-hop duo of Niambi Sala and Thandiwe. Their name comes from the Yoruba deity Oshun. Oshun was known as the mother of love, fertility, wealth, and diplomacy. The duo feels her energy within them and in their music, which is why they have chosen this name.

They call their music "Iya-Sol." Iya is Yoruba for priestess, teacher of mother, and Sol means the soul. Using a mix of acoustics, heavy drums, and bass, as well as jazz along with harmonic sounds, their music has special energy you don't find too often now in hip-hop today. The very natural sounds (my words not theirs) give off a very refreshing energy that you can't help but vibe to. The duo can sing as well as they rap, sometimes switching between the two with ease in their songs. Their message of love, positivity, spirituality, and self-identity/love is always present, and they even made a song claiming that Donald Trump isn't their President (I agree with them).

In April 2018, the duo dropped their debut album Bittersweet Vol. 1, and it was featured by the Fader. They have been on tour, and even though no music has been dropped since, the duo has big plans for 2019. Niambi and Thandiwe's chemistry is evident on every song, and their uplifting music should be on your radar in 2019.

Favorite Songs:

  • "Solar Plexus"
  • "Parts"
  • "Glow Up"

Oshun's uplifting energy and refreshing sound gives you life with every listen. (Photo via

Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack used 2018 to give the hip-hop game a very quick glimpse into her creativity as an artist. And when I said quick, I meant it. Her debut album Whack World was a 15-song album, but each song was exactly one minute. A 15-minute album is something very rare in music today, but it was still a really good album. Her album carried a plethora of feelings, each song feeling like its own. Each song feels like we are meeting another persona of Whack, which is very creative and enjoyable. Whack World took us in to the mind of Whack, allowing us to feel her lyrics with her. Each song was accompanied with a music video that she posted on her Instagram (yes, they were a minute long).

Formerly known as Dizzle Dizz, Whack shows her creativity often, as she uses different voices in her songs. Her voices go well with her creative flows, but even with the creativity overflowing, she still has some substance in her lyrics. The sounds range in every song, some sounding very ominous and dark, to uplifting, and to almost video game-like. The wide range of sounds helps Whack World sound complete, as weird as that might sound.

Whack was actually nominated for a Grammy for her music video "Mumbo Jumbo," and that song intentionally has unclear lyrics, Whack has explained a number of times. Whack released her song "Only Child," in which she compares her ex-lover to an only child because of their stinginess towards her. Whack's unusual but iconic debut album is only a glimpse of what she is capable of. If you enjoy creativity, humor, and multiple personas, give Ms. Whack your attention and give her a listen.

Favorite Songs:

  • "Sore Loser"
  • "Hungry Hippo"
  • "Only Child"

Tierra Whack offers a unique, yet creative, take on rap, making her an interesting listen. (Photo via Dummy Mag)


Bringing attitude and flair is IAMDDB, a rapper who isn't afraid to let people know how she feels. Born Diana De Brito, she hails from Manchester, which she'll claim until the day she dies. Her music, what she calls "urban jazz," is accompanied with very trap-like beats that she uses to her advantage.

IAMDDB is known for her 2018 single "Shade," and that confident, braggadocios attitude is what makes her music stand out. Her voice is pleasant, yet powerful, as she can sing, croon, and rap about fame, getting money, love, and anything else that's on her mind. She flips between trip-hop beats and mellow soulful-like jazz sound on her 2018 album Flight Mode Vol. 4.

Brito released three previous albums before Flight Mode, with each showcasing her rap talents, as well as her singing talents. Her versatile voice gives her the ability to sing over the hardest of beats and rap over the softest of beats. She released her song "Wokeuptoflexxx" in 2019 and is set to drop her fifth project Swervvvvv.5 this year as well. If you need some attitude in your playlist, better get on the IAMDDB wave.

Favorite Songs:

  • "Drippy"
  • "Shade"
  • "XOX"

Confidence, attitude, and flair is what IAMDDB brings to the rap game. (Photo via MTV UK)

These female artists are looking to make their mark in 2019 after introducing themselves to the hip-hop game in 2018. Each offer something different and this diversity is what makes hip-hop such a unique genre. The females in rap are here and they aren't planning on going anywhere. So you might as well get used to their presence.


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