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Ever heard of Meute?

Marching band + electronic music = INCREDIBLE

By Baris OvaliPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Ever heard of Meute?
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If you're a fan of electronic music and brass instruments, then you're in for a treat with the Hamburg-based band, Meute. This innovative band has been making waves in the music scene since 2011 with their unique blend of techno and brass instruments.

Meute started out as a group of street musicians who would play techno music on their brass instruments in the streets of Hamburg. Their performances caught the attention of passersby and soon enough, videos of their performances began to circulate on social media. It wasn't long before they were discovered by a larger audience, and they started to perform at concerts and festivals.

Their first album, "Tumult," was released in 2017, followed by "You & Me" in 2018 and "Meute III" in 2020. Each album showcases the band's versatility and their ability to infuse techno beats with brass instruments to create a unique sound. Their live performances are high-energy and dynamic, with the band marching and moving in unison while playing their instruments. It's a sight to behold and a performance that's not to be missed.

Meute has performed at major festivals such as Glastonbury, Melt! and Fusion Festival, and also at many clubs in Europe. They have a huge following of fans who love their music and their live performances. With 11 members, Meute is a large band, but they all come from Hamburg, Germany and they all have unique backgrounds and experiences that contribute to the band's unique sound.

Now let's talk about the marriage of these 2 different music genres that came to be such an incredible audible orgasm.

Combining a marching band with electronic music is an interesting and unique concept, as it takes two seemingly disparate musical styles and combines them in a way that creates something new and exciting.

Firstly, marching bands are known for their synchronized and precise movements, which can add a visual element to electronic music that is typically lacking in a traditional electronic music performance. The integration of brass instruments also adds a new dimension of sound to electronic music, which is typically dominated by electronic instruments and samples.

Secondly, the combination of electronic and brass music creates a unique and interesting sound that is different from anything else out there. Electronic music is known for its repetitive beats, while brass instruments are known for their rich and powerful sound. When combined, the two can complement each other perfectly and create a sound that is both danceable and melodic.

Furthermore, the combination of marching band and electronic music can also break down genre boundaries and appeal to a wider range of audiences. Fans of electronic music may be drawn to the unique sound and energy of the brass instruments, while fans of brass music may be drawn to the electronic beats and innovative soundscapes.

In conclusion, Meute is a band that's not to be missed if you're a fan of electronic music and brass instruments. Their unique style sets them apart from other bands, and their live performances are truly one-of-a-kind. With three albums under their belt, Meute is definitely a band to keep an eye on in the future.

Here is the discography of Meute:


Tumult (2017)

You & Me (2018)

Meute III (2020)


Rej (2015)

Trommel Machine (2016)

Mind Against Remix (2016)

Silhouettes (2016)

La Meute (2016)

The Loop (2016)

The Wall (2017)

Tout est Bleu (2017)

The XX Medley (2017)

The Walk (2018)

The Pop (2018)

The Message (2018)

The Tribe (2018)

The Light (2019)

The Innerbloom (2019)

The Rebel (2019)

The Valley of the Pagans (2019)


"Rej" (2015)

"Trommel Machine" (2016)

"Mind Against Remix" (2016)

"Silhouettes" (2016)

"La Meute" (2016)

"The Loop" (2016)

"The Wall" (2017)

"Tout est Bleu" (2017)

"The XX Medley" (2017)

"The Walk" (2018)

"The Pop" (2018)

"The Message" (2018)

"The Tribe" (2018)

"The Light" (2019)

"The Innerbloom" (2019)

"The Rebel" (2019)

"The Valley of the Pagans" (2019)

Please note that this list may not be exhaustive and complete and the band might have released new material in the meantime.

One of their most popular video is "Rej" which is a live performance of the band playing in the streets with a lot of people dancing and enjoying their music.

Link to the video:

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