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EnergyNeverDiess Releases Hellhound (The Beginning)

Alternative Rock/Rap Artist EnergyNeverDiess

By The RXD ROOM FirmPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
EnergyNeverDiess - Dior & Alexander Mcqueen

The American Alternative Hip Hop artist Energyneverdiess has gained popularity with the release of his most recent album, “HELLHOUND (THE BEGINNING) 2023.” The artist’s distinctive flair and ability are on full display in this album, which easily fuses numerous genres. BURNING THE RUNWAY (REALLY RICH PT2) 2023, “TURN UP!” 2023, produced by youthdee and his most popular releases from the Album are “PARASITE 2023 which has over 212,000 streams on Spotify and “PRIVATE PARTY (SINNERS MIX) 2023” has over 107k streams on Spotify those are just a few of the outstanding singles released from HellHound (The Begining) by Energyneverdiess.

Hellhound (The Beginning) released May 11, 2023

The music in Energyneverdiess’ album “HELLHOUND (THE BEGINNING) (2023)” is a wonderful example of his abilities. Hip-hop, alternative, and Metal music are just a few of the genres that are combined to create the album’s distinctive sound. With the artist’s own style and tone, each song on the album stands out as a masterpiece in its own right. For lovers of Energyneverdiess and everyone who enjoys good music, the album is a must listen.

EnergyNeverDiess - balmain & Revenge Hoodie

The most recent singles by Energyneverdiess are more evidence of the artist’s abilities and originality. The upbeat song “BURNING THE RUNWAY (REALLY RICH PT2) 2023, will have you moving and dancing. Another song that will get your heart racing is “TURN UP! produced by youthdee (2023) which has a snappy tempo and contagious lyrics. Two further standout songs that highlight the performer’s versatility and distinctive approach are “PARASITE 2023 and “PRIVATE PARTY — (SINNERS MIX) and his latest release Bugatti (BODY) produced by youthdee released October 13, 2023.


Metal, Hip-hop, Nu Metal, Alternative rock, Rhythm and blues, Alternative Metal, Hip-Hop/Rap, EMO and Horror Music. ENERGYNEVERDIESS has created a new style called HELL-HOUND, which he describes as Horror Music created for Horror Movie, Scary Movie, Metal, Nu Metal and Hip-hop lovers. But its not your typical Metal, Rap or Hip-hop style. This new experimental style can be heard on his newly released single called Private Party, Parasite, on Spotify and all platforms. HELL-HOUND the album is now available on all streaming services released May 11, 2023.

With his most recent album, “HELLHOUND (THE BEGINNING) 2023 and singles like “BURNING THE RUNWAY (REALLY RICH PT2) “TURN UP! produced by youthdee ”, “PARASITE and “PRIVATE PARTY (SINNERS MIX) Energyneverdiess has been making some incredible music lately. He is among the most intriguing artists working in Emo, Hip-Hop, Alternative Hip-Hop music right now along side other hybrid type music artist such as GARZI, The Hxliday, the late Juice Wrld, late XXXTENTACION and the late Lil Peep because of his distinctive sound and style. But Energyneverdiess is certainly in a lane of his own and stands out from any crowd. I’m looking forward to what he has coming next.

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ENERGYNEVERDIESS is a creative Musical Artist and songwriter who loves to touch the people’s soul with emotion through versatile styles when it comes to genres. Working none stop on music & perfecting his sound Christopher Hugh Hamilton (Energyneverdies) wishes to continue impact , connect and change the lives of many People throughout the world using his music and talents. “6FeettilHell” Ep released Halloween of 2019 a highly anticipated project With diverse styles & lyrics including songs such as Nails, Madden, & by my side to feed his growing occult fan base. Sometime late 2022 he dropped the Split Series a series of eps/projects mixed with different styles, flows & genresof alternative rock & metal type songs.

We are excited about the next release from EnergyNeverDiess there is no telling whats in store with the unpredictability of his style and voice range. Follow EnergyNeverDiess.

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