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Drake's new purpose shows throughout his new project

The Toronto superstar is the most comfortable, he's ever been in his life and career.

By ArdenPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
DLDT's main purpose was to hold us over until Drake's sixth album arrives.

Even when you have certain artists you’ve been listening to for a while, there’s always that moment of realization, that they’re getting better with time. Over the last couple of years, we rap fans have awed at JAY-Z’s lyrical excellence or the growth of various MC’s. But in the case of Drake, it’s not a matter of recognizing his incredible talent or accomplishments. Just more so, his purpose in the coming days.

By surprising the music world two weeks ago with his “Dark Night Demo Tape” project, Drake once again showed, there isn’t and can’t be a cap on his abilities. Even with what has been seen in the past five years of his career including new sounds, collaborations, publicized rap beef’s, the unveiling of his child, and a love affair with the top of the charts, the Toronto, CA native is still standing in near perfect condition. So that means he can go down right?

Well, the haters wish that was the case. I said a similar statement about Drake’s evolution after “WAR” was released last December because it’s very clear, where’s he going musically. “TIME FILES” and “Losses” show a very distinct difference in how he’s approaching the themes of women, family, and success from the past. “LANDED” and “From Florida With Love” (AKA Plug) are records that would have made his 2015' surprise mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” even greater than what it is (and it’s already great).

Damn near all of us remember when Drake would place too much effort on stretching out the end of his words, trying to balance between rapping and singing, and debating whether or not, he was worthy of the top spot. I say this in a somewhat joking manner, but we couldn’t hear one single ounce of Drake’s toxicity back a few years ago. If anything, I say the “IYRTITL” era unlocked Drizzy, the same way the Miami Heat did LeBron James in 2013.

But it’s not necessarily about Drake’s vocal performance, songwriting, and flows improving over time. It’s just the direction, he’s going in. I would say for the first time in his career, Drake’s vision has looked beyond the next release of a project or time period. For example, we saw him make “Take Care” and go all-in because he wasn’t sure where he’ll go next. The same can be said for his previous album “Scorpion”, given the crazy success and madness which started with “Views” in 2016.

Yet with that said, here are we! Near the midway point of 2020, we’ve gained a greater sense as to what Drake’s new music will sound like. Yes, there have been snippets posted online along with his actual records that were released this past year, but this man is two words: Evolving and mysterious. Especially when he chooses to fall back from us and lay up in his beautiful house in Toronto.

As I watched his excellent interview with Rap Radar last Christmas, I was reminded of how well-aware Drake is. Between the outside noise, “who’s hot and who’s not”, and what he needs to do personally, Drake is continuing to show great growth in all of those areas and it’s why he’s been so successful all of these years. The greats ALWAYS know when it’s time to adapt and how to do so, without sacrificing their core elements.

“Dark Night Demo Tape” seems to give the impression that Drake won’t be held back by a time period or uncertainty of what’s next. The 6 God knows what is in store and he’ll be fine, no matter what.


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