Do Music Genres Reflect Personalities?

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Matching Genres and Personality Types

Do Music Genres Reflect Personalities?

Music is a universal language. A harmonious synchronization of beats and words that beautifully express your true feelings and reflect your emotions that otherwise remain unsaid.

Music in itself contains a whole world consisting of various types, genres, beats and instruments, all of which when come together to create sound that touches the soul. It is said that your preferred music genre reveals a lot about your personality.

People who are angry, anxious and hyper are known to love metal and rock, while those who have a soft heart with millions of emotions flowing prefer music with softer beats. But is it really so? In most cases, YES!

What type of music you listen to reflects your personality

When you meet someone for the first time, you cannot stop yourself from asking which sort of music they like. Why? This is because somewhere down below, inside your heart you know that their music choice will say a lot about who they really are.

Researches have proven time and again that people get attracted toward personalities that resembles theirs, and so is the case with music. If you are a person who might be an introvert, likes to stay within their comfort zone, and spend time alone, you most probably end up listening to a song that have softer beats.

People who are outgoing, hyper and super active love loud music because this is what energizes their personality! Make them sit and listen to soft music for a minute or two and they will end up being extremely bored!

Five music genres and what they may reveal about you (the listeners) and sample suggested songs

Here are the various music genres that reveal about your personality, your true side that is sometime hidden from the real world:

1. Pop Music

People who love pop tend to be extroverts but may lack creativity. They are hardworking people with high self-esteem but tend to get nervous at times.

2. Hip-Hop and Rap

These people are extremely outgoing, love partying, and socializing. Calling them “social animals” won’t be wrong! They are always high on energy and lively personalities!

3. Metal and Rock

Well, in all honesty, people who listen to this genre of music have a personality that is filled with intuition and integrity. They may not be completely introverts but are kind-hearted, flexible and creative.

4. Classical

These people are considered much more intelligent, generally. Those who love classical are soft from the inside, good listeners and keen observers who tend to understand the meaning behind every word you say. So yes, you need to be a little careful around them!

5. Jazz

Understanding personalities who love hearing jazz can be difficult. These people tend to not open up to the world, stay within their space and are complex in nature.

6. There are people who love listening to many different times of music. They are referred to as “Melophile.”

Melo means music, and phile is a suffix that can be used for any word to indicate a fanatic or enthusiast. In practice or commonly we still call a “music lover” to describe a person who loves music. (

Preferred genre and personality style

Everyone has different taste and love listening to music that best suits their personality. As for me, I choose music genres depending on my mood but yes, jazz, preferably Latin jazz, stays on top of my list!

Side note: Music psychologist Adrian North of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, has conducted the largest study of musical tastes and personality type. You can read more about his study at

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