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By Rasma RaistersPublished 3 months ago 6 min read

Jambalaya On the Bayou

A real feel-good and food song is "Jambalaya On the Bayou" for this song I found a really great jam session version on YouTube and it has the song with Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Ray Charles.

And all that singing about the great food you can get down in New Orleans, Louisiana really makes you want to go there:

Jambalaya and a crawfish pie and filé gumbo

For tonight I'm a gonna see my ma cher ami-o

Pick guitar, fill fruit jar and be gay-o

Son of a gun, we'll have big fun on the Bayou

"Jambalaya On the Bayou" was written and recorded by American country music singer Hank Williams and first released in 1952. It became his most covered song named for the Creole and Cajun dish, jambalaya.


"Bacon" by American singer Nick Jonas featuring guest vocals by singer Ty Dolla Sign. The song came out in 2016 and was the second single from his third studio album Last Year Was Complicated.

So make yourselves some eggs and bacon and listen to the song.

A Little Bit Of Cucumber

"A Little Bit Of Cucumber" was first performed in 1915 but that doesn't make it any less interesting. The song is a cockney music hall song written by T.W.Conner for comedian and singer Harry Champion.

This song is about the certain types of foods that were popular at that time in the cockney working community in East London. Cucumbers get compared to other types of food.

To this song, I add the kind of cucumber salad my mom made that my dad loved. Depending on how much she would make she thinly sliced the cucumber or cubed it or grated it. Then on top of the cucumber in a bowl a bit of salt and freshly ground pepper. Then add some fresh lemon juice and mixed it all together with sour cream adding finely chopped fresh dill on top.

Cake By The Ocean

"Cake By the Ocean" is a song by ONCE. This song was the debut single by the Amercian band DNCE and was released in 2015. It is the lead single on their debut EP Swaay and included in their debut album DNCE. It topped the US Billboard Adult Pop Songs Airplay Chart and has been certified GOLD.

Gone Bananas

Today for my food song I present to you lots of fruit in fact, the song is titled "30,000 Pounds of Bananas" by American singer and songwriter Harry Chapin. This is a folk rock song by Chapin and is on his 1974 album Verities & Balderdash.

What started all this is a real accident that occurred in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1965. Unfortunately, this accident was a real tragedy, A 33-year-old truck driver named Eugene P, Sesky was on his way to deliver a load of bananas to Scranton, He picked up his load on the boat piers at Newark, New Jersey. Sesky was driving a 1950s Brockway diesel truck tractor with a 35 ft semi-trailer. As he headed down Rt 307 he lost control. This particular section of Rt 307 contains a two-mile descent that extends from Lake Scranton to the bottom of Moosic Street and includes a drop in elevation of over 500 ft. Sesky could not control the truck's speed down the hill because of a mechanical failure. This caused the truck to head on into Scranton at 90 MPH. Several cars were sideswiped and finally, the truck crashed into a house close to the bottom of the hill. While this was going on according to witnesses Sesky did all he could to avoid pedestrians and other motorists even climbing out onto the truck's running board to warn everyone. Witnesses also said that it was possible that Sesky might have deliberately flipped the truck to avoid either bystanders or an automotive service station, The result was that Sesky was thrown from the truck and killed and once the truck stopped it was bananas all over the place and no one else was killed but 15 people were injured.

Banana Pancakes

"Banana Pancakes" by American singer and songwriter Jack Johnson is a kind of silly but feel-good song. Country star Billy Currington recorded his version for his 2013 We Are Tonight album. Here I give you the simple original version that you can listen to as you eat banana pancakes.

Even though I have never made these pancakes there are recipes for them online some requiring only two ingredients you can guess which they are.

The Cat with the Cream

This food song post is for everyone like me, cat lovers, and here we have "The Cat with the Cream" by Belle & Sebastian. This song is on their album Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance. This is a Glasgow Indie pop duo.

Now keep in mind that even though there is a reference to someone being like the cat with the cream the song is not all about cats.

We Built This City On Sausage Rolls

Up next is another food song "We Built This City… On Sausage Rolls" sung by LadBaby. LadBaby is Mark Hoyle, a father of two children from Nottingham, England. In 2016 he launched his YouTube channel that documents his "lad to dad" parenthood journey. Soon he became a hit on social media and has videos that have 70 million viewers around the world. In 2018 he became Celebrity Dad of the Year.

As for this food song LadBaby chose the 1985 hit "We Built This City" by Starship and added the sausage rolls. The song came out in 2018 with the proceeds from the single going to foodbank charity The Trussel Trust. It became the first novelty song to become a Christmas number-one hit in the UK.

As for sausage rolls, I have prepared delicious ones by taking Italian sausage, green peppers, onions, and garlic and sauteing them, and then roll the mixture up in crescent roll dough. There are other meat variations possible including the use of bacon and if one likes, even cheese. They are quick to make and always delicious to eat.

Pizza Power

All four Ninja Turtles Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo were pizza lovers. Most children and also some adults love following the adventures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In 1989 they sang a song about how much they love pizza and how it gives them their ninja power.

On Top of Old Smoky

I loved both the original song ”On Top of Old Smoky” and the parody which my friends and I learned by heart. The original is a traditional folk song from the US recorded by The Weavers. The parody is sung by Tom Glazer and recorded in 1963 and it actually became a hit.

On top of spaghetti

All covered with cheese,

I lost my poor meatball

When somebody sneezed

There is a Dutch version with the first line “eeb bord met spaghetti” meaning “a plate of spaghetti” by Rijk de Gooijer came out in 1963. Allen Sherman has a medley “Schticks of One and Half a Dozen of the Other” and sings “On top of Old Smoky, all covered with hair/Of course, I’m referring to Smokey the Bear”.

There you have it so grab a plate of spaghetti and let’s sing.

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